Best 4 Korean Snacks to Eat Like a K-Drama Character

Eat Like a K-Drama Character!

Characters in Korean dramas always seem to eat different delicious Korean food. The slow montages of Kdrama actors and actresses enjoying their food make these snacking moments fun and, at the same time, make us a little bit hungry.

Now that we're in the holiday season. We bet you love binge-watching your favorite Korean holiday movies! So here is a list of delicious Korean snacks and food from your favorite Kdrama actors and actresses.

4 Korean Snacks to Eat Like a K-Drama Character

#1 Sauna Eggs

If your favorite drama actor or actress ever stepped foot into a spa, sauna eggs were probably the first thing they picked up. Just as the title suggests, sauna eggs are famous in Korean bathhouses. These brown eggs are boiled in a rice cooker. All you need is to remove the eggshell and dip the boiled egg in a bit of sea salt.

#2 Ramen

While filming, ramen is the easiest food to cook and is also the same for us at home and binge-watching our favorite kdrama. You can easily grab a cup or a pack of noodles at your nearest convenience store. But if you are lucky to have a Korean mart near you, it is best to grab your favorite Korean noodles to get the best kdrama food experience.

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#3 Kimbap

Quick and on-the-go meals are a popular trend in K-dramas set today, and triangle kimbap or kimbap rolls are inexpensive options. Similar to sushi in some ingredients, the most significant difference is what’s placed inside as filling. Kimbap might be your better choice if you’re not into raw fish. You can customize the fillings with kimchi, tuna, cheese, and more!

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#4 Jjajangmyeon

Regarding K-dramas, this meal is the go-to meal for delivery. In The Strongest Delivery Man, the restaurant the two main characters deliver for is, in fact, a jjajangmyeon restaurant. A quick and efficient meal for lunch or dinner, it's less expensive than take-out can typically be, and it's not a complicated dish to make.

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Cover Image: Reply 1988 (tvN)

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