5 Winter Korean Snacks to Keep You Warm

5 Korean Snacks to Warm You Up This Winter

Winter is officially here and we know how much you love staying inside, all cuddled up with your blanks and holiday socks. You love watching your favorite K-drama while muhcing on your favorite Korean snacks! Do you know what would make this experience better? Warm winter Korean snacks! Get to know the the 5 go to Korean snacks to keep you comfy and warm.

5 Winter Korean Snacks

#1 Ramen

Noodle is a favorite snack for people around the world. During the winter season, Ramyun is the easiest Korean snack to prep and keep you warm.

The tasty broth and a good pack of noodles make this the ultimate Kdrama craving for anyone spending the week off watching their favorite kdramas. You can even level up your Thanksgiving leftover with Samyang noodles. 

Eat hot Korean noodles and other kdrama snacks with our Kdrama craving Korean snack box

 #2 Hot Brew Coffee - Babinski

Korean shops sell several coffee flavors. The best part about Korean coffee is the packaging with Kpop idols! The popular ones right now are the flavors from BTS coffee drinks. From americano to specialty blends, Korean coffee is the ultimate Korean drink this winter

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#3 Yuja Tea

Some choose coffee, while others go for hot tea. With the cold weather, you can't help but be sick if you don't care about your health properly. Koreans created the Yuja marmalade or tea that offers health benefits. They drink Yuja tea to get vitamin C, lower blood pressure, and cure digestion problems. It also eases coughs and colds.

#4 Samyang Tteokbokki

Freshly cooked tteokbokki is the perfect Korean winter snack. Rice cakes keep you warm and complete as you watch your favorite holiday kdramas

Cook your rice cakes from your Doshirak Lunch Box with hot water. Put it inside the microwave for a couple of minutes, and dig in! Partner it with Korean noodles and get the best flavors, perfect for the winter season. 

Korean snack hack: Add tteokbokki to your fire Korean noodles. Learn more about it here

 #5 Ho-Ppang (Steamed Buns)

Steamed buns are another favorite among Koreans during the winter time. You can get the convenience store version of jjinppang, called Ho-ppangs. The buns come with meat, vegetables, and cheese stuffing. Some have red bean paste. When in Korea this winter season, remember to grab one. 

Which one's your favorite? Tell us in the comments, or get our Korean snack boxes at the Snack Shop

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Written by Brianna Giles

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