5 Best Cinema Snacks Available at Korean Movie Theaters

5 Cinema Snacks You Can Find in Korean Movie Theatres

In Korea, and with so many movies coming out, it is high time to experience what it feels like to be in a Korean movie theater! After getting your cinema tickets, nothing boosts the movie theater experience more than getting the best cinema snacks!

5 Best Cinema Snacks Available at Korean Movie Theaters

#1 Popcorn

Every Korean cinema sells popcorn like in other countries, but the flavors make movie theater popcorns special in the country!

The best snacks for the cinema offer flavors more than just cheese and salt. You can get the famous buttered popcorn or ones flavored in caramel, onion, and garlic in Korean cinemas.

Can't choose what flavors to get? Don't you worry! Most popcorn containers can let you add two flavors and separate them.

#2 Hot Dogs

Another common cinema snacks ideas are the hotdogs! Some hate it for the mess like most moviegoers have experienced. But Korean movie theaters sell you savory hotdogs with cardboard that catches all those crumbs and sauces.

Snacks in cinema places can be pretty messy, and hotdog snacks are one of the messiest to eat! They can also be boring with the limited sauce options. In addition to the carboard hot dog holder and sauce options, you can also get fried onions and coleslaw at the Korean movie theaters!

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#3 Churros

Going for a sweet route for your snacks for the cinema? Nothing beats the convenience and delicious taste of churros! But Korean movie theaters does not just offer the typical churros. They managed to level it up with their quirky churro!

Quirky churros? What are those? Like other Korean snacks in this movie theater snacks list, it has a twist! You can choose different fillings, from peanut butter and cream cheese to cinnamon sprinkles.

#4 Squid

Believe it or not, Squid is probably one of the most popular Korean snacks for the cinema. You can get it coated in butter, topped with hot sauce, or added with vegetables, all served in a box! So say good bye to messy Korean snacking.

Of course, it is still chewy and can be too salty for some. If you are already in Korea,ย take advantage of the unique and savory Korean cinema snacks!

#5 Nachos

Last on our movie theater snack list are the tasty nachos! But like the other Korean snacks for the cinema, it also comes with a convenient container with 3 sections. The biggest section is for the nachos, while the other two are for the sauces!

If you hate getting your fingers messy with sauce, you can open the sauce packets and pour them into the sauce sections.

Have you found something from the cinema snacks list that interests you? We recommend trying them all, especially the Korean squid snacks in the cinema! If you want a Korean drama movie night at home, read ourย Korean drama foodย to level up your movie experience.

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Written byย Nicole Simpkin

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