4 Korean Drama Food That Will Take You to Your Favorite K-Drama

4 Korean Drama Food That Will Take You to Your Favorite K-Drama

Besides the romance and plot twists, another thing that reminds you of your favorite kdramas is the Korean drama food! You watched your favorite kdrama actors eat hot instant ramen or home made Korean food like mouthwatering seafood stews. They always leave us hungry! Luckily, not all of them take time to make, while others are easy to order at your nearest Korean restaurant. 

4 Korean Drama Food from your Favorite K-drama


Ramyeon, or ramen, is everywhere! From convenience stores to street food, there is always a ramyeon variety that you want to taste from your favorite kdrama! The Korean drama food often comes with tasty toppings like sunny side up eggs and more!

You can always shop for the best ever ramyeon bundle we have on SnackFever or go to your nearest Korean stores to buy your favorite flavors. Get a slice of Korean cheese to complete your Korean snack, or break an egg to level up your Korean fire noodles!

But if you have some extra cash, how about getting another variation of the k drama food like the jjajangmyeon, a Korean noodle with black bean paste. You can order it easily in most restaurants in South Korea. They serve these savory Korean noodles with a yellow radish side dish. Once done, you will find yourself full and wiping your lip like your favorite Kdrama stars!


The next Korean drama food that will immediately send you to your favorite kdrama series is Kimchi! The Korean side dish is a star of all Korean meals. Whether you have an extra food budget or not, the spicy cabbage side dish completes every k drama food set. 

You can see your kdrama stars create easy prep meals sometimes in the series. Some mix kimchi with rice in a frying pan or use a pot to cook stews! Learn from Jandi from Boys Over Flowers from this clip:

Kimchi fried rice is always the way to go! Even Kpop stars love kimchi fried rice so much that they learned how to make it. The dish may look simple to make, but it can go bitter when cooked wrong. You can watch VIXX members Hyuk and Hongbin and learn from their experiences. 

You can make an easy-to-make spicy kimchi ramyeon with SnackFever's Doshirak Lunch Box! The Korean snack box has everything you need to experience Korean lunch.


Sausages are another k drama food you see Korean students get in convenience stores. But it is also a staple in different countries, making it an easy item to purchase. These Korean snacks come in packs or individually and have become a popular Korean drama food. 

Have you watched Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo? These sausages were highlighted in the kdrama series and became one of the most iconic memories among the kdrama fans.


The best thing about these Korean sausages is the multiple flavors you can get them! Buy a beef or chicken flavor. If you want a unique flavor for your break time study snack, you can even get these Korean snacks in fish variety too! SnackFever also has a South Korean snack box to energize you and complete your homework. Get your Work Bites and Coffee here!



Lastly, who can forget about the most colorful Korean drama food: bibimbap! You see kdrama stars enjoy the rice topped with meat and cuts of vegetable varieties, hot or cold. Some say eating the k drama food hot with the rice slightly crisp at the bottom is better. It is definitely a Korean dish you want to try first at your nearest Korean restaurant. 

Korean enjoy bibimbap all year round, so you may remember your favorite kdrama stars eating the dish in different seasons. One serving of bibimbap is often big enough for two persons. But if you are not a first time Korean snacker, you may finish the whole bowl just by yourself. How about making a huge batch for your friends and family to fulfill your Kdrama cravings

Some binge watch kdramas with light Korean drama food. So if you are looking for Korean snacks, you can get the SnackFever South Korean snack box! Get it for yourself with the Original box, or share Korean snacks with the whole family and friends by getting the Deluxe!

You can also let your employees experience the Korean drama office break time with the SnackFever Office Box! Each box comes with over 80 delicious snacks that you can let your employees enjoy at your office pantry or coffee corner. 

Now that you have your snacks complete. Cook your favorite K drama food, open your Korean snacks, and turn on a new kdrama series to get an immersive Korean drama experience. Happy eating!

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