Korean Food with Cheese: Level Up Your Korean Snacks with Simple Korean Cheese! 🧀

Korean food with cheese: Korean snacks with simple korean cheese

Do you love Korean snacks with cheese? It's high time to pack your stuff and head to South Korea where cheese flavor is not only limited to any Korean snack!

Korean cheese has become a special ingredient to level up Korean street food and traditional food among Korean restaurants and food stalls. Cheese in various Asian dishes may sound surprising, but South Korean food with cheese may be the most delectable food experience you can get!

Why Do Koreans Put Cheese On Everything?

Most Korean snacks and food are quite spicy. With Korean cheese, it reduces the spiciness of the spiciest Korean food. Right now, you can see students head to the nearest convenience stores and get themselves spicy Korean noodles and other Korean snacks topped with Korean cheese! 

Korean Food with Cheese: 7 Korean Snacks for Korean Cheese Lovers! 

1. Cheese Dakgalbi

Let's start with a popular Korean food with cheese called "Dakgalbi." The Korean dish has marinated chicken in chili pepper paste base sauce, vegetables, and rice cakes. 

If you already love Dalkalbi itself, you can level up your Korean food experience by topping it with Korean cheese slices! Let it melt on top of the Dalkalbi, and you will start scraping the cheese off the sides of the pan. It is like another version of your typical Korean cheese rice cake street food.

2. Octopus and Fondue

Korean snack food options always surprise you with options, and so do Korean dishes with cheese! A Korean dish you must try with Korean cheese is octopus and fondue.

Korean cheese and seafood do not sound so appealing. You might prefer eating Korean chips snack with seafood flavor and cheese instead! But Koreans love the octopus and fondue combination. When you order the Korean dish, the restaurant will serve you a deliciously marinated octopus with a bowl of hot melted Korean cheese!

Get a slice or piece of octopus and dip it in the fondue!

3. Cheese Tteokpokki

Now let's talk about the classic Korean rice cake with cheese: Tteokpokki! Korean street food comes in hot and spicy. Korean cheese tones down the spice plus enhance the flavor and texture. So don't forget to try Korean rice cakes with cheese dishes in Korea!

Want to experience this at home? SnackFever lets you experience a simple Korean meal anywhere in the world with the Doshirak Lunch Box 🍱 set! It has a bowl of instant rice, instant Korean noodles, seaweed snack, and more! Plus, it has a Tteokpokki pack for you to experience Korean cheese Tteokpokki at home!

4. Cheese Ramen

With so many K-dramas streamed worldwide, you may have seen Korean spicy noodles with cheese eaten by actors and even kpop idols! 

The Korean spicy noodles cheese combination is another Korean snack that students upgrade with Korean cheese! It also becomes a break time snack whenever students do not have their favorite Korean study snacks.

Though you can always have any Korean noodles with cheese, you may want to go for the Shin Ramen or Fire noodles. You get to experience the contrasting taste of Korean spicy cheese noodles!

But no need to be embarrassed if you don't want to go for spicy Korean noodles with cheese. Try different Korean instant noodles with cheese first with our Best Ever Ramyeon Bundle! Before you go to South Korea, you can pick your favorite Korean noodles by tasting the best ramyeon flavors and brands in the country!

5. Cheese Kimchi Fried Rice

Do you eat rice daily? You can try out Korean kimchi fried rice with cheese using a cup of instant rice first from our Doshirak Lunch Box set. Kimchi is the ultimate staple in Korea. Rice and kimchi are one of the best combinations Koreans can easily make at home too. But when you mix fried rice with melted cheese, the crispiness of kimchi, rice, and cheese is to die for!

6. Cheese Kimbap

You can make Gimbap, or "Korean Sushi Roll," in many different flavors like the Korean cheese Kimbap! One of the most amazing things you can try with our Doshirak Lunch Box is creating your own Kimbap at home.

Include kimchi, tuna, and cheese to enhance the flavor of your own Kimbap, or order one at any Korean street food stall or restaurant if available! The mix of kimbap ingredients and cheese will surely be a food experience you want to make in your own kitchen!

7. Cheese Bingsu (Shaven Ice)

Some consider the best Korean snack is a Korean frozen snack! If you are a new Korean snacker, you want to try something familiar first, like shaved ice. Korean food with cheese is not only limited to savory food. The Korean cheese addiction also extends to desserts!

Have you heard the word Bingsu? It is a Korean shaved ice snack that traditionally comes with red bean toppings. Nowadays, you can get Bingsu with chocolate, fruit, and other toppings you can think of!

Cheese Bingsu has become a popular flavor right now among teens and tourists! The shaved ice comes with cream cheese cubes and yogurt. Every scoop of the Cheese Bingsu will keep you cool this summer and enjoy a heavenly Korean dessert experience!

If you want to explore Korean snacks with cheese first, get a taste of them with our SnackFever Original and Deluxe Boxes! 

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Written by Sunwoo Park

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