Ryann Ellis

K-Pop Music Videos That are Good Enough to Eat

Every so often a K-Pop group will make a comeback or debut that makes viewers head straight for their kitchens as so...

Britt Franklin

Pepero Transformations that Change the Way We Snack

On 11/11, lovers exchanged boxes of these tasty snacks as a symbol of romance, and if you’ve been following along wi...


Skin Is A Canvas That K-Pop Paints

From memorial tattoos to tattoos based around your favorite lyrics,here's what it's all about!  K-Pop is a form o...


SM Fans, This Guide to SMTOWN's Gift Shop is For You

A show of hands if one of your favorite K-pop groups belongs to SM Entertainment? Whether it's Girls' Generation, EX...

Kalina Ewing

Seafood in South Korea: One of Their Best Kept Secrets

As a visitor to South Korea, when you think of what foods you want to sample, korean BBQ, bibimbap, kimbap, and bulg...

Twinkle Verma

Celebrity Owned Cafes and Restaurants

While watching movies and dramas from our favorite actors or listening to our favorite idol's music, I am sure we al...

Nicole Simpkin

5 Cinema Snacks You Can Find in Korean Movie Theatres

With movies being released all year round, you can never be too sure where in the world one may be when a new movie ...

Nicole Simpkin

5 Things To Do In Korea On A Budget

Everyone likes to go on vacation but-- like everyone else-- most also prefer to save money while having tremendous a...

Kayla Webb

What Korean Snacks You Should Try Based On Your Astrological Sign

It’s midnight. You’re standing in front of your kitchen pantry, or maybe amidst the rows of snacks at your local con...

Britt Franklin

Stick Around for these Pepero Cakes that are Sweet Enough to bring Home

How about some cookies with your cake? As filling a dessert that cake can be on its own, the added reward of chocola...

Britt Franklin

Gummy Bears, Sprinkles, and... Charlie Brown?: DIY Pepero!

Pepero Day is right around the corner, which means an uptick in the appearance of one of Korea’s favorite snacks. Ty...

Sarah Wong

Drinking Games: Soju Edition

As the weekend slowly approaches, it is time to unwind and reward yourself for your hard work. Whether you drink alc...
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