Traditions of Seollal

Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year, is one of the most important traditional national holidays in South Korea!

K-Pop Songs with Traditional Influence

These K-pop songs prove that blending traditional Korean culture with modern elements creates a unique sound people o...

Feeling It: Korean Snacks for All Your Moods!

Food can make you feel all types of things, and can really complete a moment!

Idol Dog Grooming 101 by Grace Pet Grooming

Idols' beloved pets are always on display around social media and why wouldn't they? They receive treatments and expe...

Starbucks Korea and BTS Turn Up the Shine for the 'Be the Brightest Stars' Campaign

On January 21, Starbucks Korea and BTS launched their collaboration campaign, β€œBe the Brightest Stars,” which runs un...

Seollal: Behind the Festivity

It's almost time to celebrate Seollal! Brush up on your knowledge of Korean traditions by looking at some important t...

The World United through Food: Two Sizes Tiramisu

Food brings the world together. That’s the great thing about restaurants; some do their best to bring food from anot...

Late Night Snacking: Korean Street Food Edition

Between late night activities and food, there is something in Korea for everyone!

A Jolly Good Snack: Jolly Pong

Whether it’s a snack or cereal, Jolly Pong can be enjoyed in various ways!

iKON Surprises Fans with Concept Trailer for New Comeback, 'i Decide'

After a long hiatus of over one year, iKON is finally back!

GFriend Turns Heads with 'A Tale of the Glass Bead' Comeback Teaser

GFriend has released an exclusive teaser for their upcoming comeback!

A Hidden Island in the Han River: Seonyudo

What makes Seonyudo Park so different from the others is its long history and how it came to be!
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