Ryann Ellis

These Meals will Transport You into to Your Favorite K-Drama

If there’s one thing that could possibly outshine your favorite K-drama or K-actor, it would have to be all the food ...

Ryann Ellis

Spicy Snacks? What's The Deal With Those Things?

When it comes to spicy Korean snacks, these few take it to a whole new level of flavor! ...and pain.

Sarah Wong

Best Shark Snacks! Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo 🎶

Who here still has “Baby Shark” stuck in their heads? We sure do. Here are some shark-inspired Korean snacks to get y...

Sarah Wong

Alligator… What? Alligator Chips!

This alligator chip snack, also known as 아! 그칩 (Ah! Geu Chip), is the kind of snack that you just can’t put down or s...

Tiffany Simms

Essential K-Dramas for the Food Lover in All of Us!

There’s nothing like staying in for the night with a good drama and some delicious Korean takeout! What’s even better...

Sarah Wong

Best Korean Tea and Snack Combinations

What better way to warm yourself up in winter than with a nice cup of tea? Here are some of our favorite Korean tea a...

Alexa Manery

Everything You Need To Know About 'Every Day6'

Four mini albums, two full albums, three Japanese releases, and 12+ Singles released to date. In the K-pop industry, ...

Catherine Tai

Appreciation for Seaweed!

Seaweed is a specific food that can take a variety of forms in Korean snacks and cuisine. It can be a delicious addit...


Yummy Yummy, Spicy Chicken!

A Korean dish of deep-fried chicken, crispy and coated in a sticky sauce that's both sweet and savory?! That’s what d...

Samantha Hazard

Traditional Korean Snacks

Some traditional Korean snacks such as rice cakes and confectioneries are not only appetizing but have also played a ...

Kayla Webb

The Only Winter Snacks You Need According to Stray Kids

JYP’s latest debuted male idol group, Stray Kids, has got it all—insane talent (they co-write and co-compose all thei...

Tiffany Simms

K-Pop Covers of Classic Christmas Songs

It’s finally December! You have likely begun decorating for the holidays, pulling out the tinsel, hanging the stockin...
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