Stephanie Lemus

The Best Drink for the Winter: Yuja Tea

As it’s pronounced in Korean, Yuja-cha (유자차) is made from a citrus fruit called Yuja! Yuja tea will keep you nice and...

Stephanie Lemus

Churros in Korea

When you think of Korean snacks, what do you think of? Banana milk, spicy ramen, maybe even honey butter chips! Churr...

Lindsey C.

5 Underground Korean R&B Artist to Check Out on Soundcloud

The K-Pop industry is full of amazing artists but often overlooked are artists trying to break into the music scene w...

Stephanie Lemus

I'm Not Squidding: A Snack Straight from the Sea

Ojingeo-chae (오징어채), as it's called in Korean, might seem strange at first glance. Dried shredded squid ready for you...

Rebeca Arvizu

Korea's Hidden Gems: Offonoff

With incredibly amazing sounds and influential lyrics, offonoff is a duo that’s a must listen. Don’t worry, there wil...

Rebeca Arvizu

5 Non-Alcoholic Korean Drinks You Should Try

Here at SnackFever, we want to bring to you the ultimate Korean snacks (and drinks) for you to try. Whether it’s a ho...


5 Festivals in Korea to Check Out This Winter

Do not fear the dreadful Korean winter! Here are 5 reasons why Korean winters are also fun and enjoyable!

Jose Orlando Claudio Seijo

Korean Snack & Food culture in Latin America

Food. One of the many things that bring people together. Food is worldwide, you can learn so much from it, as well as...

Rebeca Arvizu

5 Instant Noodle Flavors To Try

Calm your appetite with these five tasty instant noodle flavors to try. These noodles can be easily found at some maj...

Nicole Simpkin

5 Must-Visit Islands in Korea

Korea is a truly gorgeous country, with fascinating, new things to see around every corner. Despite all the things to...

Kayla Webb

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas, AKA Korean Candy Must-Haves

Some Korean candy highlights, including sweet icons, old faves, and need-to-haves, that are sure to make the very bes...

Kyle Voong

Celebrity Snackers

With the large variety of foods and drinks the world of Korean snacks possesses, there’s no wondering why it appeals ...
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