Sarah Wong

Alcohol's Best Friend: Anju

While anything can be considered a β€œdrinking snack,” some foods pair better with certain kinds of alcohol than others.

Alexa Manery

Eat Like a K-Drama Character!

Korean drama characters often divulge in an array of delicious foods. Join the fun and try your own K-drama delicacies!

Sarah Wong

Maesil-Ju Who?

Although it has β€œwine” in its name, maesil-ju is more like a sweetened plum-infused soju. Would you consider making y...

Kalina Ewing

Get Cooking with these 5 Easy Korean Dishes

Craving a fresh Korean dish? Get out your chef hat, and let’s get cooking with these recipes!

Kayla Webb

Local Breweries in South Korea

Take a closer look at Korean beer culture with four local brewery favorites!


Sweet Potato Love in Korea 🍠

Want to know some different ways you can enjoy sweet potatoes in Korea? Here are some of our favorites!

Nicole Simpkin

A Triple-Course Korean-Style Meal

No matter how experienced with Korean cuisine you may be,Β there’s something for everyone to try! Here's a three-cour...

Nicole Simpkin

Places to Visit in Korea with Your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day πŸ’•

Our list of lovely places to visit and things to do in Korea with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

Tessa Buckman

5 Romantic K-Dramas to Binge this Valentine's Day

What better way to spend the day of love than watching some cheesy, romantic Korean dramas?

Kayla Webb

Pink, Pink, and Even MORE Pink Valentine's Day Snacks 😍

Our favorite pink-packaged Korean snacks to round out the cutest holiday ever: Valentine’s Day!

Catherine Tai

2 Must-Try Korean Fast Food Desserts

Upon trying these deliciously exclusive Korean fast food desserts, you may have some snack withdrawal when they're no...

Kaitlin Clifford

Dining Customs When Eating Out in Korea!

Korean dining customs are an essential part of what can be seen when eating at restaurants. Here's a list of things y...
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