Kyle Voong

QUIZ: Which Pepero Flavor Should You Eat?

There are many different Pepero flavors, and they cover a variety of different flavors as well! The Pepero lineup con...


Some of the Fiercest Eye Makeup Worn by Male Idols

One thing that sets idols apart is that K-beauty is deeply embedded in their culture, and this goes for both men and ...

Tessa Buckman

What's in Your Closet?: K-Pop and K-Drama Influenced Fashion

With how fast Korean culture is spreading, it's no surprise K-fashion is becoming more widely known, and social media...

Ryann Ellis

Pringles Have Taken Flavor To a New Level in Korea

Pringles are a popular brand of chips around the world. In Korea, this tasty snack has made an evolution of sorts whe...

Tessa Buckman

The Adaptation of Korean Cuisine

Delicious and diverse Korean cuisine is known for being inspired by many places, and over the years, has developed it...

Britt Franklin

QUIZ: Your Personality based on Banana Milk?!

Milk flavors and personality may seem like a strange combination, but they’re closer tied than you think! Find out wh...

Alexa Manery

Keep Warm This Winter With These Coffee and Teas

Calming, therapeutic, and borderline necessary Korean instant coffees and teas for the late night homebody! Just as a...

Kayla Webb

Holiday Gift Guide: Facemask Edition

There’s no doubt that Korean face masks hold the ticket to a merry and bright holiday season! ‘Tis the season to give...

Tessa Buckman

The Different Tastes of Korea

With Korean snacks helping to spread culture beyond Korea, we can lose focus on the growing snack food industry. Sna...

Tessa Buckman

5 SnackFever Unboxings That Show What We Have To Offer!

The great thing about a SnackFever box is there's always something new, but we bring back beloved Korean snacks, too!...

Tessa Buckman

Korean Drinks That Will Leave You Refreshed

What better to keep us hydrated than Korean drinks we can take on the go? While Korea has quite the reputation for cu...

Stephanie Lemus

Milk Less? Try Milkis!

Milkis sounds a bit perplexing, but there’s no denying this Korean drink is popular! You might be asking, "Why milk a...
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