Top 3 Matcha Korean Snacks For Every Matcha Lover

Top 3 Matcha Korean Snacks For Every Matcha Lover

Among all the trendy Korean snacks within the Koreans, matcha flavored snacks and drinks are worthy of their hype. Matcha, a type of green tea, became popular globally because renowned names like Starbucks introduced matcha-flavored frappuccinos and lattes! The Korean matcha green tea powder has also been used in more than just drinks, so here’s a short list of some Korean matcha snacks that will leave you wanting more of this Korean matcha tea flavor!

Matcha Korean Snacks For Every Matcha Lover

#1 Korean Matcha Choco Pies

People around the world love sweet snacks, so it's not a surprise that Lotte decided to add a new flavor to their list! The Korean Matcha Choco Pies mixes a combination of a yummy Korean matcha cake and a Korean matcha spread. Every bite becomes an amazing snacking experience perfect for matcha lovers everywhere!

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#2 Korean Matcha Ice Cream Samanco Bars

Have you tried eating the Bungeobbang? The fish-shaped waffle comes with a warm sweet red bean filling. But this amazing treat also has a cold counter part filled with ice cream! The fish shaped Korean ice cream treat is a favorite for the summer or for someone looking for a sweet snack after a savory meal.

Samanco is the go-to brand to get this sweet fish shaped ice cream treat. You can get the ice cream in different fillings from vanilla, chocolate, and of course, matcha! The additional sweet bean filling makes this Korean matcha ice cream better. You get the best of two flavors with this one.

#3 Lotte Dream Cacao Korean Matcha Snack

There are so many things that you can do with Korean matcha powder, and Lotte Dream Cacao turned it into a sweet treat! The chocolate cubes made from premium cacao beans come with a matcha-flavored filling for the green tea edition! Every bite surprises you with a popping matcha flavor that every matcha snacker will love. 

We hope you enjoyed this short but sweet list of some matcha flavored goodies! But if you want to drink green tea or coffee and munching Korean snacks, grab our Work Bites and Coffee Korean snack box to keep you energized throughout the day.

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Written by: Alexa Manery

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