Stray Kids Recommendation: The Only Korean Winter Snacks You Need

Stray Kids Recommendation: The Only Korean Winter Snacks You Need

Stray Kids has got it all, from writing and composing to fantastic dance moves! They also have the best recommendations for the best winter Korean snacks.

During one of their VLIVE episodes, the Stray Kids members revealed their best snacks for winter. It's not that extensive, but it includes some local favorites and Korean winter snacks that may surprise you!

Stray Kids Recommendation: The Only Korean Winter Snacks You Need

#1 Hoppang

Hoppang is Changbin's favorite! The steam bun features a sweet red bean paste filling. Enjoy this warm snack better when you dip it in a red bean paste for an even flavor distribution. Lee Know is an absolute genius for recommending this tip, so say no more! We'll take 50 buns!

#2 Odeng

Odeng is a must-have Korean snack for the winter season. Once is enough to understand why Koreans love this warm Korean dish. The potato and seafood flavors from the fishcakes also captured the hearts of Stray Kids members! 

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#3 Bungeoppang

Another favorite that may seem new to fans is Bungeoppang. The fish-shaped warm Korean snack has fun fillings: match, chocolate, and vanilla! Stray Kids also recommend this Korean winter snack not only for its delicious flavor but for the fun that comes with it! 

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#4 Ice Cream

Last on our list is... ice cream. Surprise! While some prefer eating sweet and cold snacks in summer. Some members of Stray Kids love munching on ice cream even the temperature's ten below!

Besides winter Korean snacks, Stray Kids' songs will keep you cozy at home or keep you motivated when hitting the slopes and doing winter sports! Top your winter experiences with the best Stray Kids winter Korean snacks, and tell us your favorite.

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Cover image: Stray Kids, JYP Entertainment

Written by Kayla Webb

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