Food Tour with NCT 127 🤩

Food Tour with NCT 127 🤩

Ever wonder what your favorite K-celebs are eating lately? Look no further than their social media! The familiar faces we know and love from Korean entertainment occasionally turn to SNS to share photo-worthy foods, delivering a double helping of aesthetics and taste, and giving fans a closer look into what they’d most likely be found eating for lunch. Let’s take a trip through treats from Korea and beyond, and who knows? Maybe we’ll find our next spark of snackspiration!

NCT 127 is a ten-member K-pop group under SM Entertainment and a subunit of NCT (Neo Culture Technology), which is made up of NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. They’ve had a handful of hits since their debut in July 2016; with songs such as “Cherry Bomb,” “Fire Truck,” and “Regular” solidifying their position as a household name. In the past two years, NCT 127 has made quite a few jumps between Korea and the States, recently appearing on talk shows in the U.S., including Good Morning America, where they performed the lead single “Superhuman” from their upcoming mini album, We Are Superhuman.

Between the whirlwind of touring and music-making, what’s the band been snacking on? Let’s find out!


There’s room for snacks in the life of a K-pop idol, and NCT 127 doesn’t hesitate to play with their food!

Johnny + Vienna Coffee
Vienna coffee in a nutshell is shots of espresso mixed with Chantilly (whipped) cream, typically as a milk and sugar replacement, and filled to the brim. A creamy cup of the warm beverage can be enjoyed with or without the sprinkled toppings of chocolate or cinnamon that sometimes accompany it.

Taeil + Doughnut
Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Glazed, frosted, or strawberry-sprinkled; with so many possibilities, you’d be hard-pressed to not find a single flavor to indulge your palate.

Taeil, Haechan, Doyoung + Pepero
On November 11, boxes and boxes of Pepero fly from the shelves to the tune of romance all over Korea. Pepero Day is celebrated on 11/11, the date best resembling the beloved biscuit snack, and many people get into the cookie spirit! Even the members of NCT 127 posted a flurry of photos on their official Instagram to mark the occasion, including a shot of Jungwoo and Yuta playing the Pepero Game.


From shareable snacks to sit-down meals in between, this group certainly has more than enough members to enjoyably crowd a table.

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Haechan & WINWIN + Paninis
What better way to spend a sunny day in L.A. than with a sandwich in your hand and a friend by your side? The panini spot that the group visited in Melrose is unfortunately no longer open, but it doesn’t mean you can’t surf the wave of the California coast—or cruise your own hometown—until you find a decent ‘wich to get your grub on!

Mark + Inkigayo Sandwich
Does this sandwich look familiar? The famous Inkigayo sandwich has graced the SnackFever blog before! The unusual snack, comprised of egg salad, crab meat, cabbage salad, and strawberry jam; gets its name from SBS’ music show Inkigayo, and is given to K-idols who make an appearance on its stage.

NCT 127 + Sushi
There’s something about sharing a large, heaping order of sushi and drinks that turns dinner into a big event! Before the team got to work on finishing off the fish, Doyoung took a moment to snap a smiley face with the colorful spread of food.

Jaehyun + Motsunabe
Motsunabe is a Japanese soy-based stew that falls into the nabe, or “hot pot,” family of dishes. The motsu portion refers to the shining star of the meal, which in this case is the beef and pork offal that’s said to lend positive effects to skin due to high levels of collagen. Complementing it are vegetables and spices, such as garlic and cabbage, and a broth that’s occasionally made from miso.

CITY 127: NCT in NYC

In the days leading up to the North American leg of their Neo City world tour, the group spent time in New York, seeing the sights and feeding their faces!

Taeyong + Doughnut
Doughnuts make a delightful double appearance because if you’re in New York City, it’s a must to visit one of the many bakeries harboring these soft and sweet snacks!

Jaehyun, Yuta, Jungwoo, Taeil + Elote & Ice Cream
With a trip to the city comes the opportunity to experience multicultural cuisines. Elote (Mexican street corn) is the often-raved-about grilled corn on the cob found at fairs, or if you’re lucky, right inside of a nearby restaurant. The corn is grilled, then coated in butter, mayo, lime juice, salt, chili powder, and cheese. Sounds delicious, right? If elote isn’t easily accessible to you, don’t be dismayed, and look on the bright side: No matter where you go, you can always find ice cream!

Yuta, Johnny, Doyoung + Starbucks
Play it casual and take a stroll through Manhattan with an iced coffee or tea in hand. You’ll fit right in with the hustle and flow of the constantly-moving city rush as that nice, cold drink keeps you as cool as ever.

Now that you know what they’re eating, be on the lookout for the latest music that’s coming out of their mouths! We Are Superhuman, the new EP from NCT 127, is set to be released on May 24, 2019. The U.S. portion of their first world tour, Neo City: USA — The Origin, kicked off April 24 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.

Is there another K-celeb you want to go on a food tour with?
Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Taeil – NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)
Written by Britt Franklin

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