Get Closer to Idols, Try the Inkigayo Sandwich

By Stephanie Lemus

If you’re a fan of K-pop, then you might be familiar with the SBS Inkigayo music show. Many idols go there to perform, but there’s also a delicious plus side to performing there: the chance to get the famous Inkigayo Sandwich! As you can see, Hoshi, Seungkwan, and Joshua from SEVENTEEN had fun taking pictures of it!

This sandwich was a hot topic on Korean social media sites a couple of months back. It became so popular that 7-Elevens in Korea started selling them! If you’re in Korea, you can get one for around two dollars!

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Inkigayo sandwich from 711 in Korea 🤔 It’s potato egg salad on one side, some kind of lettuce salad on the other and strawberry jam in the middle. Sounds weird but it’s weirdly addictive. The sweetness of the strawberry jam hits you randomly and makes you wanna take another bite. Worth a try for ₩2000, if only it was filled more completely (only the front view looks full) • • • #inkigayo #inkigayosandwich #sandwich #food #foodstagram #igfoodies #foodporn #foodblogger #hungrygowhere #whattoeat #igfood #eats #igeats #foodreview #foodgram #foodguide #foodie #foodgram #dailyfood #인가샌드위치 #먹스타그램 #맛있다그램 #Koreanfood #Korea #샌드위치 #편의점 #오늘뭐먹지 #푸드그램 #인스타푸드 #간식추천

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The music group VAV, who released with their latest single "Senorita" in late 2018, hung out with YouTuber Dave (from World of Dave), joining in banter and the tastiness of this sandwich. In the interview, VAV member St. Van said, “You don’t wanna perform at Inkigayo without this sandwich.”

You might be wondering, "What's in it that makes it so amazing?" It going to sound a little odd, but it includes strawberry jam, potato egg salad, and imitation crab meat—a strange combination but it goes together surprisingly well!

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#인기가요샌드위치 만들어봤다 속을 너무 많이 넣어서 모양이 이상하지만...(심지어 쨈마저 용량초과) 어엄~청 맛있는 건 아닌데 쨈때문에 단 맛이 들어가서 그런가 먹을만하다. 레시피에서 바꾼거는 당근을 뺐고 옥수수식빵을 안팔아서 우유식빵으로 대체한 것인데... 별차이없을것같은 #레시피 (2~3인분/삼각으로 4개나옴) 재료: 옥수수식빵 8매, 마요네즈, 양배추 1/6통, 크래미 6개, 계란 3개, 딸기잼, 당근 쪼끔 1. 계란 삶아서 으깨둔다 2. 크래미 잘게 썰어서 계란 으깬거랑 섞고 마요네즈 1큰술 넣고 비볏 3. 양배추 가늘게 총총, 당근은 색깔내는정도만 조금 썰어서 +마요네즈 1.5큰술 넣고 비벼비볏 4. 식빵은 테두리 다 잘라낸다 5. 계란크래미 샌드, 양배추당근 샌드 하나씩 만든다 6. 5번의 사이에 딸기잼을 바르고 합체한다 7. 랩으로 예쁘게 싸서 10분정도 실온에 방치 8. 완성 #인기가요샌드위치레시피 #먹스타그램 #가족과함께드세요 #양많으니까

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If you aren’t in Korea, you can always make it at home! Idols say there’s nothing like the original, but if you want to take on the challenge, here’s a video with the recipe:

Enjoy it with a couple of stage shows from your favorite groups, and eat what they eat! You’re sure to have an eggcellent time!

Cover Image: SEVENTEEN's Hoshi, Seungkwan, and Joshua (Pledis Entertainment)

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