Happy Pepero Day, My Love!

Happy Pepero Day, My Love!

Did you know that chocolate sales increase nine-fold before Valentine’s Day, seven-time before White Day but 83-fold the week before Pepero Day? What even is Pepero Day you must be asking. Well, in short, Pepero is a Korean snack that came out in 1983. They are thin, long sticks of cookies that can either be “covered” or “nude”. The traditional Pepero (“covered”) was inspired by the Japanese snack Pocky, comprising of cookie and chocolate. However, the snack has evolved and modernized over the years. So now we even have the “nude” Pepero which is just the inverted version of the original. It’s made of a hollow cookie stick with chocolate inside rather than outside.

Pepero Day is celebrated on November 11 due to the fact that the date 11/11 follows the mold of the Pepero sticks, which are long and thin. This day is extremely popular with school-aged children but also common among young adults. Friends and couples gift each other many different flavours of Pepero as a demonstration of their love and appreciation for each other. Some go with the old fashion gifting of the Pepero snack while others opt for a more modern twist to their boxes. Couples even go out of their way to create a beautiful gift basket filled with not only the Pepero snacks but also with flowers and other romantic decor.

There are currently about 12 different flavours of Pepero: chocolate (original), strawberry, almond, nude, white chocolate cookie, black chocolate cookie, tiramisu cheese, melon, peanut, double dip white chocolate, double dip black chocolate and blueberry yogurt.

The shape and length of the Pepero sticks make for a very useful tool in a famous game that is played among many Kpop idols and TV hosts. The object of this game to be left with as little of the Pepero stick as possible. Here’s how it’s played. Two people stand to face each other with one person holding onto one end of the Pepero stick in their mouth. The second person tried to bite off as much of the stick as possible. The team with the shortest stick wins! This is a competitive game which has earned the nickname of “Kissing Game”.

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Written by Kristina Marchenko

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