Fun Facts To Know About Pepero Day
Remember, remember, the 11th of November... What's the big deal with November 11? Pepero Day is probably the most awesome unofficial holiday ever, before unofficial "days" became a thing. Koreans will gift their friends and loved ones packages of Pepero, from...
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Happy Pepero Day Daebak-Fam!
Hi Daebak-Fam! Do you know what Pepero is? Pepero is a thin cookie in stick form with a chocolate covered outer layer on one end of the stick. It’s a great snack to take with you when you go to...
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Happy Pepero Day, My Love!
Did you know that chocolate sales increase nine-fold before Valentine’s Day, seven-time before White Day but 83-fold the week before Pepero Day? What even is Pepero Day you must be asking. Well, in short, Pepero is a Korean snack that...
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