5 Best Fruit Flavored Snacks

5 Best Fruit Flavored Snacks

You might have tried munching on jelly snacks for the fruity snack flavors. In South Korea, they offer fruit flavored snacks outside the jelly forms, and they taste delicious! Here are some of our favorites!

5 Best Fruit-Flavored Snacks

1. Orion Strawberry Chocopie

Chocopie is an all-time favorite for Koreans and people around the world. The sweet chocolate and soft marshmallow filling satisfy your sweet tooth instantly! For a fruity recommendation, buy the strawberry Chocopie instead.  

2. Oh yes Watermelon

Oh yes is a similar type of Korean snack as Chocopie but with more texture and less cream. Of course, the fruit flavored snack is just as delicious. Try the watermelon flavored snack from Oh yes to get that sweet and refreshing flavor.

3. Honey Tong Tong Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctors away! But not too much for this Korean snack. Honey Tong Tong Apple is still a sweet treat but offers that apple flavor that we love so much. 

4. Pokachip Lime

Mojito is one of the most go to drinks, but how about getting that flavor from Korean potato chips? Pokachip Lime combines the crunch and saltiness of Korean potato snacks and the taste of Mojito or lime. 

5. Pepero Melon

If you love Pepero so much, well, we love them too. Pepero Melon is one of the best in our last addition to fruit-flavored snacks. 

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Written By Bobby Park

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