5 Best Korean Snack Hacks!

5 Best Korean Snack Hacks!

Snacks are typical in almost every household, providing a tasty treat to anybody in the mood. However, can the snacking experience be more enjoyable? Of course! With these Korean snack hacks, you can take your tasty treats to the next level!

#1 Warm Choco Pie? Yes Please!


While Choco Pies provide a satisfyingly sweet taste, their deliciousness can be taken even further. Pop it in the microwave for 10-30 seconds, and the soft and melty Korean sweet snack becomes softer and meltier! Not only is the cake softened, but the marshmallow is even gooier!

Fun Fact: G-Dragon used this Korean snack hack during his trainee days to make his Choco Pies last longer!

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#2 Cheese: How to Make Good Better

#CheesyRamen ♨️

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Ramen is commonly known as one of the tastiest, simplest, and cheapest Korean snacks that one could have, but is there any way to make it even more delicious? To answer it simply, yes. 

Cheese to your Korean noodles can add another level to a delicious meal! Not only can it add another layer of flavor to your meal, but it has several benefits as well, such as subduing spice and thickening soups.

#3 Pepero Meets Cake?

That’s right! It is common to find cakes with a delectable Pepero decoration! Not only does it add a sweet accent to an already delicious dessert, but it also adds a nice crunchy texture. Read more Pepero transformations here

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#4 Waffle Mate Additions!

The Lotte Company’s Waffle Mate biscuits have a crispy waffle shape and a sweet honey flavor! While these delicious biscuits are great on their own, many great additions can make the eating experience even more enjoyable! 

A little bit of melted chocolate allows for a delightful chocolate dip for the waffle biscuits, but a smear of cream cheese also pairs well with the sweet biscuit. The possibilities are endless!

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#5 The Next Addition To Your Bar...Milkis? (Ages 21 + Only!)

Milkis is a refreshing and sweet non alcoholic Korean drink with various flavors, including strawberry, mango, peach, and more! However, if you’re still craving something more, there’s a simple way to create even more variety: soju. 

Yes, by mixing together Milkis and soju, you can create a mixed drink that’s quite popular in Korea. Not only is the flavor delicious, but it also has a satisfying fizz. Next time you want a drink, try this captivating concoction!

While Korean snacks are delicious on their own, experimenting here and there with minor changes and additions can increase your personal enjoyment of them! You can try Korean snacks first at home with our SnackFever Boxes

Do you have a favorite Korean snack hack, not on this list? Comment below!!

Written by: Kyle Voong

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