4 Best Pepero Transformations beyond Your Regular Pepero Sticks

Best Pepero Transformations beyond Your Regular Pepero Sticks

On 11/11, lovers exchanged boxes of these tasty snacks as a symbol of romance, and if you’ve been following along with us at SnackFever, you know there’s more than one way to enjoy your Pepero. We’ve mentioned cake decorating and designing your own, but the methods below really go above and beyond your regular Pepero sticks. How many would you try?

Best Pepero Transformations beyond Your Regular Pepero Sticks

Coffee + Pepero

Coffee in Korea is a culture of its own, and as the Coffee Prince of the world, Pepero has been invited to join the royal court!

From latte art to Pepero lattes, innovators have been finding ways to incorporate the crunchy snack into energizing cups of coffee. For those of us less skilled in creating intricate designs in latte foam, mixing our Pepero and caffeine may be our best bet.

Top off whipped cream with crushed Pepero of your choosing, add sticks of the biscuits as a garnish to your favorite cafe beverage, or even attempt a Pepero latte! There’s more than one way to make it, but we believe any method that gets the coffee and cookies from the cup into your belly is good to go.

Macarons + Pepero

The popularity of macarons in Korea has been on the rise in recent years, so a Pepero and macaron team-up was bound to come along. These delightful meringue cookies take a bit of work to make, but with such a sweet payoff, the journey just might be worth it!

There’s not much of a secret when it comes to crafting these cute treats. Take a Pepero biscuit, exchange the coating for a stack of macarons, and viola! You’ve got a macaron on a stick. With the variety of colors and flavors available in these airy cookies, the result is a visual as appealing as the taste itself.

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Pepero + Pastry

Get ready for chocolate overload! Bakeries got into the Pepero Day spirit, coming up with fun ways to celebrate love and desserts. Flaky, chocolate-filled puff pastries can be transformed in a Pepero makeover when coated with shades of chocolate and sprinkled with nuts, and... can you guess what else? Chocolate chunks! Between white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, which one would you pick?

Pepero + Bread

Chocolate, bread, and sweet cream filling come together to create a giant replica of our favorite snack stick. Drizzled with chocolate and dusted with almonds, pistachios, and other nuts, these pretty Pepero-inspired bread creations are sure to bring warm smiles fresh outta the oven.

Which Pepero creation was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Written by: Britt Franklin

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