Level Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with 9 Samyang Noodles

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Samyang Ramen Style

Thanksgiving is upon us Americans, and Thanksgiving leftovers overflow into tomorrow's breakfast and days (and even weeks!) after.

Instead of the constant freeze and reheat of your Thanksgiving plate, bust out a packet of your favorite Samyang noodle flavor and get creative! You can level up your yearly Thanksgiving leftover recipes and eat flavorful for weeks without too much preparation.

(Eating discretion advised: I'm not a chef or a recipe curator—I enjoy good food and Samyang noodles.)

9 Samyang Noodles to Level Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

We often have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey cuts, casseroles, pot pie, mashed potatoes, cranberry juice, and pizza slices. Sure, we can reheat them and eat them as if they were newly cooked and warm. The freezing and reheating cycle goes on...

If you love Samyang noodles but have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers, here are some flavors and ideas to level up breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

#1 Ice Type Hot Chicken Flavor

It seems like everyone’s post-Thanksgiving strategy is using the leftover turkey as a cold sandwich filling, but I say why not add the iconic holiday meat to the top of Samyang Ice Ramen? It basically has all the same parts of a sandwich—carbs, meat, sauce—just in a ramen-tastic form.

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#2 Curry Hot Chicken Flavor

Potatoes and curry are truly a person’s best friend, which is why you should enjoy your leftover potatoes with the Samyang Curry flavored ramen. Whether your table was adorned with mashed, diced, fried, or baked potatoes, there’s no reason not to mix it in with this ramen.

#3 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor

The 2x Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor is notorious for sending even the most spice-resistant tongues to a gallon of milk. While I don’t suggest mixing your leftover sweet potato and marshmallow casserole into the ramen (because gross!), I do think it would be a good sweet dish to have on hand to tone down the burning sensation.

#4 Jja Jang Myeon Hot Chicken Flavor

I can’t be the first person to think of adding leftover ham to Jia Jang Myeon flavored ramen, right? It seems so obviously delicious! Because this flavor is based on the traditional pork-based dish, tossing your ham on top is a way of recreating the Chinese-Korean noodle recipe but in a convenient way.

#5 Carbonara Hot Chicken Flavor

If you’ve tried the carbonara, you know that its subtle creaminess is a dream come true. To make the creaminess less subtle, why not add some creamed corn into the mix? Not to mention that if spice is not your life, the creamed corn will cut down the chili even more.

#6 Stew Type Hot Chicken Flavor

Stew is hearty and delicious- perfect to dip your leftover dinner rolls into! ‘Nuff said.

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#7 Mala Hot Chicken Flavor

The Mala flavor comes with little dried vegetable pieces, which you can ditch for all your leftover veggie sides. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, peas, asparagus, carrots, and more; toss them in and enjoy! Learn how to upgrade your fire Korean noodles here!

#8 Original Hot Chicken Flavor

You either love stuffing or you hate—there’s no in between. I happen to love stuffing and don’t see what could go wrong if you sprinkled it over the top of the original Samyang Korean noodle flavor.

#9 Cheese Hot Chicken Flavor

In my house, the mac and cheese is always the first to go. So, whether you want to recreate all that cheesy goodness in the holiday aftermath or somehow miraculously managed to save some leftover mac and cheese, the Samyang Cheese flavor is where it’s at. Remember the golden rule: there’s no such thing as too much cheese.

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Have you made a masterpiece leftover creation? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Written by Kayla Webb

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