5 Best Korean Instant Noodles To Try in 2022

5 Instant Noodle Flavors To Try

When it is too early in the morning or just on a quick break from work and study, you need something to fill your hunger without much effort. Korean instant noodles are the way to go! But are you tired of your everyday instant noodle flavor? It is high time to experience the best Korean instant noodle flavors at SnackFever's Snackshop.

5 Best Korean Instant Noodles 

#1 Kimchi Ramen

When hungry, you often look for something savory or various flavors. Koreans crave the taste of kimchi, and the best spicy Korean instant noodles to satisfy their salty and spicy cravings is Nongshim’s Kimchi Ramyun. 

Nongshim’s Korean instant noodles' spicy flavors are perfect for any side dishes you can buy at your nearest Korean mart or home! While they make perfect appetizers, the whole pack can just be your full meal. You can even level up these spicy Korean instant noodles with Korean cheese. Learn more about it here!

While you can satisfy your Korean instant noodles and kimchi cravings with Kimchi Ramen, how about getting both in one meal? Get our Doshirak Lunch Box packed with a spicy kimchi soup ramyun, Tteokpokki, rice, and more!

#2 Shin Ramyun Black

Nongshim spicy Korean instant noodles continue beyond our first item on this list. They have Korean beef instant noodles with flavorful spices that are perfect for someone craving meaty, savory, and spicy flavors. 

The anchovy and veggies complement the smoky beef flavor, making it the ultimate instant meaty breakfast. But if you are looking for a complete easy prep meal packed with beefy noodles, porridge, rice, tea, and more, get SnackFever's Easy Prep Meals box!

#3 Buldak Bokkeum Myeon

Are you up for the spicy noodle challenge? Then, get ready for the ultimate Korean spicy chicken instant noodles that will surely keep you awake than your favorite Korean study snacks! 

Buldakk Bokem Myeon’s HOT Chicken flavor is one of the spiciest Korean instant noodles you can get at your nearest Korean marts. The bold taste and crispy texture set it apart from other spicy instant Korean noodles. Each bite offers a burst of amazing flavors with an extra level of spiciness than your typical Korean instant noodles brands. 

Attempt the challenge with our Fire Box - Spicy Noodles Set first! You get 8 packs of spicy Korean instant noodles in different flavors. You can also follow this spicy Korean instant noodles recipe to level up your Korean fire noodles. 

#4 Chapaghetti

If you like jajangmyeon, you will love Nongshim’s Chapaghetti. It not only has jajangmyeon flavors, but you can also have a taste of instant Korean black bean noodles in it! Known as the Korean jajangmyeon instant noodles, Chapaghetti fulfills all your black bean and jajangmyeon flavor cravings!

Nongshim’s Chapaghetti is also the first jajangmyeon Korean instant noodles available in the country! Though there are spicy versions of Chapaghetti, this is one of the best Korean instant noodles not spicy for everyone to eat!

#5 Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Let's not forget the popular Korean cheese instant noodle we see kpop idols and kdrama stars eat! If you have yet to try mixing cheese with your Korean instant noodles, it is time to try Ottogi Cheese Ramen, the ultimate Korean instant noodles with cheese. 

But if you do not have a slice of cheese, you don't need to rush to the nearest Korean mart with these cheese Korean instant noodles! Share a bowl with your friends and family for your kdrama weekends. SnackFever also has Kdrama Cravings with Korean instant noodles, Korean snacks, and Kdrama goodies! Get one of yourself, family, and friends here.

Are Korean Instant Noodles Healthy?

Korean instant noodles are like your ordinary processed food items. Eat one or two a week to fulfill your Korean noodle cravings.

What Is the Most Popular Ramen in Korean?

As mentioned many times in this list, Nongshim is the best Korean instant noodle brands in Korea. You might have heard of the name overseas too, and find it at your nearest Korean marts. 

Want to try Korean instant noodles now? It tastes better when eaten after work or at break time too! Fill up your office pantry monthly with Korean goodies with our SnackFever's Office Box.

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