Top 2 Korean Study Snacks to Stay Focused While Studying

Top Two Snacks to Help You Endure Studying

When you picture the word "studying," images of the stacks of books on your desk and difficulty locating a nice highlighter come to mind. Studying may also have you stay up much beyond your typical bedtime! To do this, you consume coffee and energy drinks for power. 

Others prefer to munch on snacks. When studying in Korea, how about drinking amazing Korean coffee and munching on study snacks to get you focused? Here are the best two study snacks to stay awake to buy anywhere in South Korea.

Top Two Korean Study Snacks 

Banana Kicks


Studying late at night makes you feel a little bit sleepy. The exhaustion, silence, and time will make your eyes close, but before that happens, get late night study snacks! 

Banana Kicks are the best study snacks for a sweet little pick-me-up. The good study snacks mimic the "front ball kick" motion. In addition to the traditional banana flavor with a sugar coating, these maize easy study snacks are also available in different varieties.

There are three more flavors of these study time snacks! You can get the Banana Kicks Korean snacks covered in dark chocolate, green tea, or strawberry, perfect for students looking for great study snacks that want another flavor.

Tako Chips

Doing equations and writing essays really drains everyone. While on a break, whipping up simple study snacks for college students from scratch takes so much time!

Eat Tako Chips as your study break snacks! All you have to do is grab and open these good study snacks for finals during your break. The packaging is cute, but the chip's shape is even more adorable! The chips look like octopi and taste like it, making Tako Chips the best study snack for college students!

If you are looking for salty chip study snacks to buy, Tako Chips feature a salty, fishy, and octopus flavor.

What Are Good Study Snacks To Try? 

Some go for a Korean potato snack like Haitai Honey Butter Chips, while others go for a Fire Noodle cup set to keep them awake. If you are interested in other Korean noodle flavors, SnackFever also has a Ramyeon Bundle to help you pick out your favorite Korean study snacks. 

Employees also need a snack to munch on break time, like studying. How about bringing the SnackFever Korean snack box experience to your employees to the office too? SnackFever now offers the Office SnackFever Box with 80 delicious Korean snacks! Or surprise your kids with the ultimate Korean study snacks with our SnackFever Deluxe Box filled with 10 to 13 full-size, bigger, and more premium snacks.

Order your Korean snack subscription box of happiness today! Let us know your favorite study and work time Korean snacks.

Written by Samantha Hazard

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