10 SEVENTEEN Songs You Should Know

10 SEVENTEEN Songs You Should Know

SEVENTEEN is a thirteen-member K-pop group known for their diverse discography and super synchronous dancing. Their members are divided by their specialty, between hip-hop, performance, and vocal. They all have big hearts and a great sense of humor. Their sixth mini album You Made My Dawn was quite a hit with their lead track “Home” getting ten music show wins!

A few of the members recently appeared in variety shows and musicals, and their latest single "Hit" was released August 5, 2019. While they're rising in popularity, if you aren't familiar with SEVENTEEN, there may be a lot of B-sides you haven't checked out. So, here's a list of 10 songs by SEVENTEEN that you don’t hear about as often, but should know!

  • Love Letter (사랑쪽지)

Off their first full-length album Love and Letter, this soft song leaves a great impression. This is one of their songs dedicated to Carats, their loyal and ever-loving fans. The lyrics of "Love Letter" are comforting in times of sadness. It’s a love song, addressing the anxiety of confessing and one's feelings, and in the end, coming to terms with it and being happy together. The instrumental includes the acoustic guitar which gives it a calm feeling while still being upbeat and a song you can jam and sometimes cry to.

  • Fast Pace (빠른 걸음)

This song was performed on music shows during their autumn comeback in 2016 alongside their lead single “Boom Boom.” The choreography is full of mirrored dance moves. "Fast Pace" is more sultry, showing their deeper voices mixed with impressive high notes and a different side of them to what was seen from them before. The lyrics are about two people who are growing apart but can’t seem to let go; one person is going at one pace and the other can’t keep up.

  • Smile Flower (웃음꽃)

If there’s one song that brings the same feeling to all Carats, it’s this ballad that brings a really special bond between the group and fans. SEVENTEEN released a music video for "Smile Flower" that included clips from predebut up to a concert at a very large venue, and all the members get their chance to showcase their vocals. The lyrics are about being on the fence, recognizing that you could easily lose each other, and holding on and appreciating what you have. We are each other's peak, our memories bring spring, a flowery path.

  • Swimming Fool

This song is just a fun time! Loved when first released but eventually overshadowed by the newer tracks, "Swimming Fool" is an SVT Performance Team track that was released on their fourth mini album Al1. The choreography is jumpy and fun, riding the waves and making a pool with their arms. The lyrics are about drowning and becoming a fool when you like someone. We recommend this song for when you just want to feel good. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

  • I Don’t Know (글쎄)

From their third mini album Going Seventeen comes this underrated ballad. This track is sung by S.Coups, Jeonghan, Jun, Wonwoo, Woozi, Seungkwan, and Vernon. The lyrics are about a damaged relationship that is hurting them but they just don’t know if they can leave. The vocals in this song are strong with emotion bursting out the seams!

  • If I

“If I” is one of the hip-hop unit’s slower songs with a nice mix of singing and rapping between the members. The lyrics are about thinking back on the regrets of a relationship, and if they could go back and change these things. There isn’t really a choreography to this song but there is a move they do that is a fan favorite after the line “난 뭐라도 do.”

  • Beautiful

Off the album Going Seventeen comes another great song! This is performed by another mixed unit made of DK, Joshua, Hoshi, Dino, The8, and Mingyu. The lyrics are about appreciating your life and how every moment with someone you care about is amazing. If you ever want a really cute choreography to make you feel good, this is a good one!

  • Falling For U

Despite the number of fans that talk about their friendship and how excited they were when SEVENTEEN first sang this song at their concerts, “Falling For U” never got much attention. Performed by members Joshua and Jeonghan, this song is perfect for calm days and coffee shops. It’s a nice acoustic track with lyrics about when you first realize your feelings for someone. A highlight of the song is their short rap in the bridge.

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  • Pinwheel (바람개비)

From their second full length album Teen,age, the vocal unit comes another ballad that will make you feel all the emotions. The instrumental is filled with piano to accompany their vocals. The lyrics talk about accepting what they’ve done wrong and wanting to be better. They know that their person has left and one day, they’ll meet again even if it’s far into the future. If you want a tearjerker, this is the one.

  • When I Grow Up (어른이 되면)

From their second mini album Boys Be comes another vocal unit song to make you feel good! The lyrics are about knowing that you’re young but you still feel love for this person. When you grow up, you’ll really understand and wait until then. It’s a sweet and comforting song with beautiful vocals.

SEVENTEEN has grown so much musically since their debut. One thing that has stayed true is their title as self-producing idols, as they're still writing, producing their own songs, and even making their own choreography!

Are there any other songs you think people should know about? What is your favorite song from SEVENTEEN?

Cover Image: SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa

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