SEVENTEEN, K-Pop's 'HIT'-Makers

SEVENTEEN, K-Pop's 'HIT'-Makers

“HIT” proves to stand out from SEVENTEEN’s usual style and flow, and for all the right reasons. 

Since debuting in 2015, idol group SEVENTEEN has released summer hits that show different sides to their music, and this year is no exception. On August 5, 2019, the group premiered a new digital single to lead into a new era and the upcoming start to their Ode to You world tour.

“HIT” ventures away from SEVENTEEN’s usual synthy R&B and funk-pop sound, moving toward a fully-charged EDM masterpiece. Opening with a set of rhythmic claps that instantly entrance the listener, we’re transported to a pop-perfect, brain-melting beat filled out by a strong baseline. “HIT” provides a seamless and satisfying release of energy bouncing from one ear to the other, so apparent that one can already picture how much of a banger the song will be when the group takes it on tour. 

Usually SEVENTEEN’s powerhouse vocalists DK and Seungkwan are given a bulk of the verses, but with “HIT” that’s not the case as lines are distributed more evenly between the group’s full roster of singers, such as Jeonghan, Jun, Woozi, and Joshua. On the rap side, nearly all of the verses go to Vernon, whose mid-tone style is the perfect way to get listeners hyped for every drop at the chorus. The single’s melodic tones are in great contrast to its hard-hitting beats, and we expect to hear a few club remixes popping up soon.

The “HIT” music video’s dark and glittery aesthetic conveys the group’s maturing visuals, displaying a growing confidence in both athleticism and fashion. Though only shown in small, yet exciting bursts, SEVENTEEN’s intricate choreography is not to be missed with cool moves and bright colors providing a nice break from the darkness. There’s no doubt the fandom (Carats) will be waiting for a dance practice video for a closer look at each step in its entirety.

The song’s lyrics, written by SEVENTEEN members Woozi and Vernon along with South Korean singer-songwriter BUMZU, express the need to run towards aspirations with a clear mind, free of inhibitions. As is chanted in the bridge lyrics, “Let’s get higher as we sing this song / Beyond the limit, we’re getting higher / Running endlessly through the rough dawn / From now on we’re free!,” SEVENTEEN intends to wipe away their fears through their music. “HIT” serves to remind themselves, and us, that SEVENTEEN’s only direction is up. 

“Online offline everyone spread the word, the world is our pride of pride,” Joshua sings in the pre-chorus, telling us all to brace for the stellar impact of what’s to come from SEVENTEEN in the next few months. As of now, there is no word on when the group will be releasing a full-length album or their international tour dates, but this song is just the beginning of SEVENTEEN’s new era, showing that they’re out to prove their maturity and strength like never before. 

We’re anxious to see what new projects SEVENTEEN has lined up for their upcoming theme, and we’re even more anxious to see what’s in store for their highly-anticipated world tour, Ode To You.

SEVENTEEN can next be seen at KCON LA on August 18, 2019.

Cover Image: SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa & Justine Shaffer

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