Fashion Trends: Look to K-Pop!
Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Look no further than your favorite K-Pop music videos! by Fit-n-spicy Mochi K-Pop is well known for technicolor, visually stunning, and expertly choreographed music videos. Behind every group's "comeback" is a well...
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Introducing SnackFever's Own K-pop Group: K-B.A.P.
Food and music go together like gochujang and bibimbap. Team SnackFever is excited to announce the newest addition to our lineup -- our very own K-pop group, K-B.A.P.! "We are very excited to launch this new part of the SnackFever family," said Jo, who...
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#SnackTalk with Rapper Jay 'Flowsik' Pak
Flowsik is exactly what his name suggests. by James Bbang  The voice is instantly recognizable -- a husky, sometimes raspy baritone that spits lyrics in both Korean and English. His "sick flow" has an infinite combination of beats and rhythms, and...
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