8 Best Road Trip Snacks (Korean Snacks Edition)

Hit the Road with these 8 Korean Snacks

When the time comes to pack up, get up and go, a few items come to mind to never leave behind. Clothes? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Phone charger? Obviously. Believe it or not, road trip snacks are just as important!

8 Best Road Trip Snacks (Korean Snacks Edition)

Whether traveling by road, rail, or air, a good travel snack can set the tone of the journey (and let’s not even get into neglecting to bring snacks at all). What better way to pass the time between scenery, sleep, and that not-always-guaranteed conversation?

The best case scenario is bringing along a selection that taps into cravings for something sweet, something salty, and everything else in between, but in case of a limit, here’s a list of the 8 best road trip snacks from Korea to take along on your next trip.

  • Double-dipped Pepero

Though shorter than the standard Pepero sticks, they’re twice as sweet and extra portable. You can taste different Pepero flavors with our Pepero Bundle!

  • Honey Butter Chips

You didn’t think you’d heard the last of our beloved Honey Butter Chips, did you? There’s no slowing down for these semi-sweet snacks with a satisfying crunch. Grab a bag to share or keep them all to yourself. We won’t judge!

You can get a variation of the Honey Butter Chips in our Work Bites and Coffee Korean snack box! 

  • Fruit Jellies

Flavored jellies may not have quite the same nutritional value as actual fruit, but they’ve earned their spot as a juicy and delightfully convenient travel staple.

  • Rice Cake Pies

Soft, chewy, and individually wrapped so you can pack as many as you please! With a variety of flavors and fillings to pick from, bring along a favorite or try something new.

  • Custard Cream Cake

These spongy cakes with a custard center are sure to satiate a sweet tooth.

  • Onion Rings

Not exactly the deep-fried version, but this delicious oniony snack will have you playing with your food in no time. Eventually, you’ll eat it, too. How many can you fit on your fingers before the taste is too hard to resist?

  • Honey Butter Mixed Nuts

Nuts are an on-the-road snack that never gets old. There’s a flavor pick for every palate, but these honey butter mixed nuts caught our attention as a fitting addition to the honey butter fever.

  • Salty Caramel Pretzels

Pretzels may be another travel tradition, but it doesn’t mean they’ve gone stale. This snack is one that turns tradition on its head. Take a break from the hard, breaded biscuit that you’re used to, and try out these twisted puffs with a coat of salted caramel glaze. Don’t eat them too fast, you’ll definitely want to save some for later!

Still at a loss for what to bring along for the ride? Try a mixed bag with the help of a SnackFever box! They’re perfect for road trips, and if you can’t bring the whole box, the snacks inside are easy to toss into a carry-on. Prep for your next adventure by ordering one today.

You can also bring the road trip snacks to your workplace with our SnackFever Office Box! 

What are your favorite K-snacks to munch while traveling? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Written by Britt Franklin

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