Cherry Blossom Snacks in Korea!

Stop, Smell, and Eat Cherry Blossoms On The Go

The weather is warming up. The spring Korean flowers are blooming… It’s the perfect time to go to the park, eat a delicious picnic lunch, and have a relaxing day. One of the flowers we look forward to is cherry blossoms. But how about we level your cherry blossoms viewing with limited edition spring and cherry blossom snacks in Korea?

Spring and Cherry Blossom Snacks in Korea!

Even if we must work from 9 to 5 to make ends meet, we may still find time to eat and enjoy the cherry blossoms. Fortunately, many Korean fast food outlets and convenience stores sell seasonal limited-edition cherry blossom snacks. Consider making a pit stop here on your next trip to pick up some great fuel with a spring motif!

#1 Cherry Blossom Burger

The GS25 convenience stores are the best at celebrating the cherry blossom season! They released a cherry blossom burger in addition to cherry blossom drinks! These artistically stunning burgers are made up of a burger patty, lettuce, onion, sauce, and buns that are a gorgeous shade of pink. This cherry blossom snack is one to Instagram!

#2 Cherries Jubilee Sandwich

A sandwich for dessert?! GS25 is offering unusual sandwiches this spring! This sandwich is sweet rather than savory, with layers of white bread and a whipped filling made with genuine cherries. Try this cherry blossom snack created in conjunction with GS25 and Baskin-Robbins in Korea. It might make you think of an ice cream sandwich!

#3 Strawberry Donuts

In Korea, Dunkin' Donuts sells a variety of delectable strawberry treats, including strawberry-flavored donuts decorated with Hello Kitty from Sanrio!

#4 Starbucks

Spring is generally Starbucks' busiest season! They frequently release lovely products, such as tumblers decorated with flowers, and have even brewed cherry blossom-flavored beverages.

Several new products have been made available by Starbucks this spring. "Spring Season Blend," a coffee flavor available just temporarily, features cherry flavor.

When you visit Starbucks to restock on coffee, order a delicious Strawberry Latte, a springtime favorite, to go!

The menu at Starbucks is also very diverse, and it includes things like frappuccinos and snacks. The cherry blossom snacks and drinks have the Strawberry and Green Tea frappuccino, cake, and croissant during the springtime.

#5Strawberry Chiller

This strawberry smoothie from McDonald's can sate your sweet and sour cravings while cooling you down from the heat.

Which cherry blossom snack is your favorite? Which will you test out first? Tell us in the comments section below!

By Tiffany Simms

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