LINE FRIENDS Holiday Gift Guide 2018

LINE FRIENDS Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The holiday season is upon us! Amongst the arrival of bright string lights and jingle bells, a flurry of wish lists featuring our favorite crew of LINE FRIENDS characters is expected to blow in with the winter weather. Figuring out just where to begin may seem like a daunting task, and lucky for you, we’re here to help!

LINE FRIENDS’s winter collection has already hit shelves with Brown, Cony, and Sally in their scarves, coats, and costumes. The BT21 crew has even joined in for the fun! However, if holiday vibes aren’t what you’re after, don’t worry! We’ve curated a selection of gift picks to suit the recipient any day of the year.


Deck the halls with Brown and Cony (and Sally too!) in fabulously festive fashion, from cuddly plush toys and key rings to a cute Christmas-themed blanket. Curl up with a mug of your favorite cocoa, and make it extra cozy with a pair of Sally or Brown winter socks.

Sally splits her time between playing reindeer and Christmas tree on this new set of holiday tableware from LINE FRIENDS. Choose a Brown, Sally, or Cony mug to sip a soothing hot beverage or pick one of three tumblers to indulge in a refreshing treat! Will it be Brown in his adorable Santa hat, Sally in her holiday costumes in the midst of wintery trees, or the entire trio wishing “Happy Holidays!” from a cute Christmas wreath? Whichever you pick, they’re bound to bring some holiday cheer!

More Brown & Friends gear that’s great for gifting:

  • Soft Plush Cushion - A must-have for comfort lovers, these character pillows come bearing a variety of expressions from winks to lipstick-stained cheeks. Squeezably soft and more than comfortable enough to nap with, there’s no doubt you’ll be happy to have at least one of them at home!
  • Product (RED) Brown Plush - LINE FRIENDS has teamed up with Product (RED) by creating Heart Brown and Piggy Brown, two special edition plush figures, to support the cause. 15% of each sale goes toward (RED)’s efforts to raise awareness and fight HIV/AIDS through the Global Fund.
  • Character Coin Purse - Let the LINE FRIENDS help you carry your cash cutely! Available in a handful of characters, these embroidered pouches are easily transportable to suit your needs, whether stuffed full of coins--or full of candy. Best of all, they’re pocket-sized for convenience.
  • Soft Eye Sleep Mask - Delightfully soft and so comfy you’ll want to wear it as often as possible, rest easy with one of your LINE FRIENDS nearby!


BT21 snuggles into warm winter wear to welcome the cold, and if you thought they couldn’t get any more endearing, they’re here to show that it’s possible! The BT21 characters were created in a collaboration between LINE FRIENDS and Korea’s superstar group, BTS.

Here’s a quick crash course to which BT21 character was the brainchild of which BTS member for those tasked to obtain some LINE FRIENDS swag for a BTS fan:

  • Van, the space robot & Koya, the thoughtful koala (RM)
  • RJ, the kind alpaca (Jin)
  • Shooky, the yummy, milk-fearing cookie (Suga)
  • Mang, the masked dancing pony (J-Hope)
  • Chimmy, the passionate puppy (Jimin)
  • Tata, the curious, heart-shaped alien (V)
  • Cooky, the tough bunny (Jungkook)

The BT21 crew is ready to take on the snow in new outfits perfectly designed to endure it. Covered from head-to-toe, RJ and Chimmy are arguably the most prepared for a snowball fight, so who’s game? Follow-up question: Who would win?

Whether at home or on the go, a stainless steel BT21 tumbler could be your new BFF for holding on to some heat while embracing the fresh chill in the air. Each charming character has their own cup, so pick a favorite or pick them all!

More BT21 gear that’s great for gifting:

  • BT21 Plush Smile Cushions - Because they’re high in demand, it’s best to get your hands on one as soon as you can! These cushions are the second generation of BT21 cushions, now sporting bright expressions and smiles so warm you can’t help but smile back. Just as soft as the Brown & Friends pillows, collect the whole crew for a fantastic BT21 sleepover!
  • BT21 Character Hats - Stylish baseball caps embroidered with BT21 characters are definitely something to stock in your wardrobe! Each hat is decorated with a character on the front, their name on the back, and their signature under the bill. Will you choose your favorite color or your favorite character? Either way, these fashionable hats aren’t to be missed!
  • BT21 Handheld Portable Fan - Already wishing for warmer weather? Snag one of these rechargeable mini fans to start preparing early for the hotter months ahead! Viewers of BTS’ annual vacation series, Bon Voyage, may have spotted the members carrying these handy fans during their trip to Malta in season three, and we bet you’ll find them just as useful when it comes to staying cool.
  • BT21 Saroche Messenger Bag - Colorful and vibrant, these BT21 shoulder bags are conveniently adventure-ready! Each BT21 friend has their own bag for you to pick from, and they’re sure to grab attention with their bright styles. Zippered pockets make it easy to protect your belongings on the go, and you can even decorate them further by attaching one of your BT21 keyrings or plush dolls to really make it your own.


The ROY6 bunch are the new kids on the block, dreamed up in a collaboration between LINE FRIENDS and Chinese idol Roy Wang of TFBOYS. Hanging out under a wish-giving tree named Baobao (meaning “treasure”), this group is made up of Royan, the courageous sunshine lion; Eddy, the encouraging dog; Long Long, the good luck dragon; Loudy, the talkative cloud; and a adorably clumsy robot named T-2000.

Products include cuddly cushions, headbands, stationery, plush toys, keyrings, and yes, there’s more! It’s a perfectly-sized range of items to help someone you love get started on their ROY6 collection this Christmas.

Happy shopping!

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