LINE FRIENDS Holiday Gift Guide 2018
The holiday season is upon us! Amongst the arrival of bright string lights and jingle bells, a flurry of wish lists featuring our favorite crew of LINE FRIENDS characters is expected to blow in with the winter weather. Figuring out...
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Drink some Milk with LINE FRIENDS!
Do you like milk? Do you like the super-duper cute LINE FRIENDS characters? Well, we’ve got some news for you! You can drink some milk with LINE FRIENDS x Milk Cure by grabbing one of these cute bottles available at any Korean convenience store, GS25.
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Living with LINE FRIENDS
LINE FRIENDS are the adorable characters and mascots of the popular messaging app LINE. Using LINE FRIENDS emoticons is basically a part of your daily life as you partake in average day conversations with friends or family. Now imagine having...
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Daebak Box

Happiness delivered from Korea