K-Pop Lyrics that Stick Like Glue 😍

K-Pop Lyrics that Stick Like Glue 😍

Everyone has those lyrics that the minute you hear them you just know they’re going to stick with you. Here's a list of some of our personal favourites:

NCT 127 - "Replay" - Stephanie, Intern

You’re melody scattered among the people passing by...

I like how poetic this line is and how it expresses how even when people leave you, they can still linger.

The perfect time we didn’t have, go away...

This song may sound sad, but to me, it symbolizes that you can still carry a person and move on. It’s interesting how the lyrics can change the meaning depending on your feeling. It can either relate to your heartbreak or remind you that you are loved.

BLACKPINK - "Boombayah" — Kalina, Intern

Today you and I are gambling with youth. Don’t you dare stop me, even if someone tries, I’m gonna go Brrr RAMBO!

I really like Boombayah. It’s a very fun and upbeat song.

SMTOWN - "Dear My Family" — Sarah, Intern

Just like how the great strength starts from a group of small minds, I believe in us, as one family. Let’s create happiness together, in this barren world, we’ll be in love until we become light.

I’ve always liked when a lot of artists come together and work on a song as a project. Although SM Entertainment has a lot of groups and solo acts under its umbrella, they manage to come all together once a year for SMTOWN. The lyrics from "Dear My Family" remind me that I don’t have to do everything by myself. I can count on my family (blood-related or not) to bring out the best of myself.

SEVENTEEN - "Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day" — Tessa, Intern

All out, Into the wild. Do not meet their standards, This time. Our dawn is hotter When the day is bright. The world is ours.

These are my favorite lyrics because of the message about being yourself and living your best life and being content with that decision. Also, it is my favorite song off You Make My Day!

Stray Kids - "My Pace" — Nicole, Intern

No need to rush, my pace. Don’t compare, it’s alright to go slowly. Go on your own path, my lane. Put down your impatience, Just keep looking forward. I still don’t know where my destination is (...) I don’t know how I’ll be at the finish line (...) But first, let me go on my way, I’ll deal with the worries at the next crossroads. Until then, stop looking next to you. Don’t forget, my speed, my lane, my pace.

These lyrics feel reassuring in a way, telling you to stop comparing yourself with other people as everyone goes at their own pace. Just because you’re not at the same point in life as your friends, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Even if you don’t know what may happen in the future, it’s not important. What’s important is that you keep moving forward at your own speed.

DEAN - "Instagram" — Tiffany, Intern

I know tomorrow is coming, but I can’t let go of my phone. Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah. So many hot shots here. Some are on vacation. I didn’t press like. Cuz it feels like I’m the only one just like this. Inside Instagram...

I struggle with anxiety and insomnia. Due to this, I feel like sometimes, even when I'm tired, sleep won't come to me; even in the dead of night. Usually, I combat feelings of anxiety or restlessness by going online, oftentimes scrolling through Instagram, although really, it can worsen the feelings. Because while you're suffering, the people on your phone screen appear so happy. It's a song that reflects a lot of feelings I have but usually never say.

B.A.P - "Wake Me Up" — Samantha, Intern

Vive la revolution. Snap out of it, I thought I swallowed you. In this grey city, There's stale air and coldness, Contaminating the rotten brains and spines. Be aware of the corrupt truth, And the outer layer of the broken subjects. Free, love, real, ill.

I love this song, not only because it's a catchy song, but it touches on mental illness and society's refusal to acknowledge it as a real health concern.

Bang Yongguk - "Hikikomori" — Ash, Team Lead

Take off your mask and dance, If you take off your feet and close your eyes, You’ll feel this damn relief. I’m jealous of the way the world is going, don’t assume, I know how I feel when you force me to breathe. No matter how much you eat or drink, I know this feeling of being dominated by sadness … Why don’t you chew this, because it’s my story. That’s it, let’s not talk.

I wasn't very popular in high school. Liking K-Pop meant I would always be made fun of... Being a cynical teenager, I would play along with what they were saying and eventually just hid the fact that I listened to K-Pop. In my senior year, I wanted to keep the "friends" that I had, so I molded myself into someone that they would want to associate with. I was jealous that people could be open with what they liked and who they were without getting teased. In the end, it just weakened my personality, entering college not really knowing who I was.  It didn't take long for me to find the people that liked K-Pop and accepted the things that I like and do. I realized one of the reasons I had been having a difficult time in high school was because I was trying to be someone that they would accept, not someone who was me. I started expressing myself which helped me find my strong points in school and my career! I understand what Yongguk feels, of course to an extent. "Take off your mask and dance," rid yourself of the image that you created for the sake of others acceptance. Be who you truly are and stop hiding.

Have any K-Pop lyrics that really sit with you or that you’re just really fond of? We’d really love to hear them!

Drop a comment below! We love getting to know our lovely SnackFever Fam. Until next time!

Cover Image: Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)

Written by Nicole Simpkin and the Fever Guys Fam

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