(G)I-DLE Announces First-Ever World Tour: I-Land

(G)I-DLE Announces First-Ever World Tour: I-Land

Neverlands, gear up! Your favorite power rookies are touring the world, and there’s a high chance they’ll be in your city this year!

The official tour dates and cities for (G)I-DLE's I-Land: Who Am I Tour dropped on January 28. They’ll be kicking off their tour in Bangkok on April 4, careening over to the States and Canada for the remainder of the month and into the first week of May, and heading on over to Europe from May 17.

The group will also give a quick wave to Aussie Neverlands in Melbourne and Sydney on June 5 and June 7, respectively; before heading back to Southeast Asia, and then finally wrapping things up in Seoul in July! What a list! Do you see your city anywhere?

It’s only natural they would showcase their talent to the world. They’ve gained lots of support and attention since day one, and for good reason: Even with only two mini-albums so far, their discography is really strong! The group announced on January 22 that they would be going on their first-ever world tour, I-Land: Who Am I, and the cities were revealed six days later.

Since this is (G)I-DLE’s very first world tour, fans around the world can be sure to see some absolutely smashing performances that blast all expectations through the roof and beyond!

(G)I-DLE is a six-member girl group that debuted under Cube Entertainment on May 2, 2018 with “Latata,” the title track of their first mini-album I Am.  From the upbeat summery pop vibes of “Maze” to the haunting ballad of “Put It Straight” to the girl crush hip-hop concept of “Uh-Oh,” there’s definitely something for everyone!

Did you know that the leader of the group, Jeon Soyeon, is the mastermind behind most of their music? Yep, she’s like a lioness — she produces and writes a lot of the songs with the occasional help from her fellow members, and that is what truly gives their discography a powerful edge!

Are you excited to see the girls potentially perform in your city? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: (G)I-DLE (Cube Entertainment)
Written by: Hamsini Pratapa

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