Dessert or Drink?: Sujeonggwa

Dessert or Drink?: Sujeonggwa

Can a drink be a dessert? If you said no, let me introduce you to sujeonggwa (수정과) or Korean cinnamon punch. This drink is usually made for holidays such as Chuseok and New Year's! Though, it’s also perfect for a tea time date with your friends.

Sujeonggwa can be consumed both cold or hot, and has amazing health properties; like vitamin A and calcium, that help aid in blood circulation and digestion!  Your immune system will thank you! Plus, you can even take some aesthetic tea pictures.

This tea is quite pungent due to its ingredients, so children may not find it that delicious. Recipes of this drink tend to vary but the queen of cooking, Maangchi, has one that’s easy-to-follow on her website if you’re more of a kinesthetic person. You can find it here.  

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If you need a visual to help you make it, Chef Kwon has you covered! His video is funny and informative so check it out. The amount of cinnamon, ginger, and sugar you add can either make the drink spicy or sweet so be careful!

He includes an easy snack to enjoy this tea. Just get some persimmons and walnuts and enjoy a nice cup of sujeonggwa.

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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