MukBlog: SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo & Yogurt Jelly
Say the name; YOGURT JELLY! by RoyalCha One of our interns brought us these pics, asking about what Seventeen’s Wonwoo was seen merrily eating at one of their fan sign events! Image Source: Raffine_WW on Twitter This particular snack is...
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WATCH ME EAT! What Is A "Mukbang?"
The mukbang craze is still going strong; just what is so appealing about watching people eat? by RoyalCha First of all, just what is a mukbang? The term mukbang (먹방) is derived from the words "meoknun" (먹는) meaning "eating" and...
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MukBlog: ASTRO & Milkis
Refreshing boys and refreshing soda make for the best combo! by RoyalCha One of our own SnackFever followers asked us to identify this drink, spotted during one of Astro's VLIVE streams. We recognized it right away as Milkis! Milkis is a...
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The Doshirak Doshi-ROCKS!
Swap out your boring brown bag lunch for a Korean doshirak! by RoyalCha Doshirak (도시락) are Korean packed lunch boxes. Generally homemade with generous servings of TLC, doshirak help keep everyone, from school kids to businessmen, fed throughout the day....
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Flavor of the Week: Vita500
C You C Me! C Vita500 Every Day! by: RoyalCha This week we’re going to put some pep into your daily cycle! Vita500 is a healthy antioxidant vitamin C drink for people’s active and vibrant lifestyle. It has been a...
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Daebak Box

Happiness delivered from Korea