Cherry Blossom Viewing is Not Just a Day Event

Cherry Blossom Viewing is Not Just a Day Event

Spring is finally here, and the cherry blossom season has arrived! Themed drinks and snacks are high in popularity, and festivals are held around Korea at the end of March to mid-April to view the cherry blossoms, but Daegu offers a different twist on it.

Spring festivals to view the flowers in bloom are typically held in the day. People come out with family and friends to have a picnic while enjoying the scenery. Dalseo-gu, Daegu holds a festival that lasts into the night, called the Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival, and this year marked the eighth one! The festival is held at E-World, an amusement park in Daegu, giving you many options to enjoy this festival to the fullest!

During the day, enjoy the view while riding the rides and visit different food trucks while you wait for the festivities to start. Once the sun goes down, LED lights placed in the trees are turned on that can be seen throughout the park, and viewing them from above is a sight to see. The 83 Tower allows a whole view of the park without missing a thing!

E-World also holds a fireworks show during the festival! It makes the end of the cherry blossoming experience feel complete and just a little more memorable—a wonderful place to visit with someone special.

The Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival lasts eleven hours, allowing its guests to enjoy the park during the day, and extending the entertainment into the night. The scenery makes for a lovely experience (and serves as a great background for a good picture). It’s a festival that should go on anyone’s cherry blossom bucket list! 

Written by Ashton Carson

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