5 Korean Festivals to Check Out This Spring!

5 Korean Festivals to Check Out This Spring!

Cherry blossom season may be (devastatingly) coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the spring festivities are anywhere near over! We’ve compiled a list of five festivals happening this year in Korea to get you in the spring mood.

Spring in Korea is the perfect time of the year to get outside and see what nature has to offer, and these festivals make it super easy for us escape our smartphone trance and enjoy the world around us. Whether you’re looking for things to do this spring season or just searching for items to add to your bucket list, these festivals are definitely some you will want to check out!

  • Taean International Tulip Festival (태안 세계튤립축제) – April 12 - May 12, 2019

If you missed out on the cherry blossom festivities this year or are just not quite ready to stop soaking up the floral spirit of spring in Korea, you’re in luck! The Taean International Tulip Festival is one of several tulip festivals around the world, and has been selected as one of the top five every year since 2015. The Taean festival is unique in that it takes place in conjunction with the local farming cooperatives and corporations, so there is plenty to see and do. Aside from the simple beauty of the sea of color provided by the tulips, the festival offers activities such as strawberry picking, animal feeding, face painting, performances, and a nightly lighting ceremony. Admission varies depending on age, but the price is definitely worth a day full of outside fun! Learn more at the festival’s official website.

  • Boseong Green Tea Festival (보성다향대축제) – May 2 - May 6, 2019

If you’re anything like us, then right around this time of the year is when you start to get an itch that only a refreshing iced green tea can scratch. What better place to try some teas, learn some history, and live out your wildest tea party fantasies than the birthplace of the tea industry itself? Boseong is famous for being the largest producer of tea in Korea and celebrates this feat annually with a myriad of tea ceremonies, hands-on experiences and workshops, traditional performances, and our favorite: tastings! This is a great event for anyone looking to soak up some culture, see the endless rolling hills of green tea leaves Boseong is known for, or just enjoy a day filled to the brim with delicious food and drink. Find out more here!

  • Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Festival (대구약령시한방문화축제) – May 2 - May 6, 2019

Yangnyeongsi is an area of Daegu well known for its herbal medicine shops, clinics, and businesses. For hundreds of years, the herbal medicine festival marked the day of opening for the Yangnyeongsi season, but it is now open to the world as a Korean cultural experience. The festival showcases Yangnyeongsi’s rich history through exhibitions, Daegu’s famous herbal medicine market, personalized “consultations,” and general education about herbal medicine practices. This year’s festival is sure to be a hit due to the high prevalence of misemunji (미세먼지, fine dust) in Korea. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Daegu, be sure to add this experience to your itinerary! Find out more about the festivities here!

  • Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival (연등회) – May 3 - May 12, 2019

The next must-see festival this spring is the Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival. Accompanied by various musical and traditional performances, the idea of this festival is to bring light and joy to the hearts of each participant. Lanterns are on display at Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple, and Cheonggyecheon Stream from May 3 - May 12, but the real action is found during the parade, which starts at Dongguk University on the 4th. Thousands of lanterns flood the streets of Seoul, and it is free for anyone to participate with their own beacons of light. In the days following, cultural events and performances keep the party going, culminating with a final parade celebration. If you’re in the area during this event, make sure to stop by and take plenty of pictures! Find more information about performance times here!

  • Chuncheon International Mime Festival (춘천 마임축제) – May 26 - June 2, 2019

This one’s a bit different from the others on this list, and absolutely one of our favorites! The Chuncheon International Mime Festival features performers from all around the world, and is split into several different events all around Chuncheon. Each “city” date has a different theme, with performers showing various genres of miming, dance, magic, and more. The most popular of these is probably the fire city performances, complete with performers who eat, breathe, and sleep fire—you will be shocked at the things the human body is capable of after seeing what they are able to do! The events are for all ages, so bring your friends and family! This is definitely one you’ll want to add to your to do list if you’re in Korea. Ticket prices vary. Learn more (and see some unbelievable pictures and videos - highly recommended) here!

Well, are you in the spring mood, yet? We sure are! We hope you found something to add to your Korea trip itinerary, and if you have any spring festival suggestions of your own, put them down in the comments below! We’d love to add some new ideas to our own bucket lists!

Written by Abby Kotar

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