Breathtakingly Powerful: The Superband!

Breathtakingly Powerful: The Superband!

Is there such thing as a super band? This spring, JTBC decided to prove to us that there is a lot of hidden potential among Korean artists to perform in groups, and especially, rock groups. The contestants of the show Superband paired up with each other, formed, and regrouped in bands throughout every round, advancing or getting eliminated.

Each band had to cover a popular song in its own unique way or produce their own, and indeed, the twists on some pieces are mindblowing! Superband not only gives the audience a different perspective on popular music, but it shows that every song can be so different based on the way one performs it. Overflowing with hidden talents, this type of audition program proves that we really need to appreciate the art of live music more.

Check out these worthwhile performances that might send chills down your spine!

  • ‘ILYSB’ by Lany

What are the most unconventional musical instrument combinations you’ve seen? Whatever it is, we bet this performance will sweep you off your feet. Starting with a soft beat and Kim Woosong’s raspy voice, the cover of Lany’s song is super catchy. The surprise comes when the DJ of the formation, DPOLE, plays on glasses of water with his fingers! It’s hard to imagine that such sound can come off of a simple wine glass filled with water, but considering the amount of talent on this show, can we even expect anything less? And the saxophone by the end? It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say the ambiance of the song cover overall is simply breathtakingly beautiful, right?

  • "Find You Again," self-composed

Lee Chan-sol’s unique voice and Im Hyeong-bin’s angelic one pair up to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions while the instruments deliver a variety of sounds to your ears, combining in a dreamlike melody. The whole performance shows the passion of all the members for music as their facial expressions mirror the spirit with which they perform, definitely speaking for the power of live bands. You'll want to replay the song over and over again!

  • "대리암," self-composed

For those of us who are not good at chemistry, this song will help you learn equations and probably impress your teacher with your creative way to study. The lyrics itself are about the way your heart melts whenever you see your lover, just like marble melts when it meets hydrochloric acid. That alone is adorable, but the hard rock vibes of the song are going to make you want to stand up and dance, even if it is as awkwardly as the vocalist’s moves (cute!). What’s impressive about this is how something as trivial as science can be interpreted in a creative way and become a type of love confession!

  • "IDC," self-composed

The number of self-composed songs on this show is amazing, considering the short amount of time every newly-formed band has before each round to practice. Therefore, only the fact that these five artists managed to compose such a complex song for the final round of the show is undeniably awesome! There are guitars, drums, a keyboard, and a violin; collaborating to form a blend of rock and roll. The variety of vocals each member contributes to transcribing the message of the lyrics to never give up, no matter what.

  • "Wake Me Up" by Avicii

The winners of the show, Hoppipolla, are on their way to steal your heart with this performance. From the very beginning, one can see the harmony and trust between all of the members as the four play together on one cello! After such an introduction, the song proceeds to a deep and soft cover of Avicii’s song,  "Wake me up." However, you will be caught by surprise from the 180 degree change in the second half of the song, which gives another meaning to the lyrics: yes, we are young so we should enjoy it while it lasts. Who would’ve thought a cello and three guitars can create such a gem?! Yeeehaw!

Each and every performance of Superband is one-of-a-kind and deserves to be seen. With some very serious and respectful judges, such as Kim Jong-wan of Nell or Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, the gifted contestants had the tough task to prove to everyone their outstanding instrumental talents or vocal skills. Most importantly, as the producer of the show, Kim Hyung-joong said the aim of the show was to expand the music spectrum of the viewers, and the mission was more than a success! 

Make sure to check out the full episodes and leave a comment down below on who is your favorite contestant or band formation, and the song(s) that left you with your jaw dropped to the floor! 

Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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