ASTRO Lights Up with 'Blue Flame' Comeback

ASTRO Lights Up with 'Blue Flame' Comeback

Back with their 6th mini album, Blue Flame, boy group ASTRO shoots straight for fans’ hearts with a dark twist on your typical fairytale charm. Though the album is composed of only five songs, the six-member group under Fantagio Entertainment proves to fans how much they’ve matured in concepts. Being quite the contrast to their previous bright and fresh album, Blue Flame shows how versatile ASTRO can be. 

Opening song and title track “Blue Flame” is the group's attempt to try out a different music style as they talk about their love burning hot for a special someone. A fusion of house music, reggaeton and sensual lyrics play well with the song’s equally-enticing music video. Its dark concept displays the members in all black suits and a mysterious yet dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of popular princess movie Beauty and the Beast. With a white rose encapsulated by a clear vase and scenes of a wolf which portray the beast, you’ll mistake the members for your very own Prince Charmings. 

Next on the album is “Go&Stop,” a song full of life and Latin-inspired beats. With upbeat piano and flute notes that carry throughout the song, trying to stop listening once you’ve started will be difficult! Keeping the mood alive is “All About You.” Filled with smooth, catchy techno beats, it will have you dancing along before the chorus drops.

“When The Wind Blows” switches things up with piano notes that quickly speed up only to slow back down once we are met with Sanha and MoonBin’s soothing vocals. It’s a passionate song written by the groups very own member Rocky that has fans in love with the heartfelt lyrics. To end the album is “You’re my world,” in which the group shows appreciation to their fans for having a hand to hold when things get hard. 

The group makes sure to keep a close bond with their fans through their Twitter account @offclASTRO, in which they constantly upload videos and pictures talking about their day. However, if you’re looking to get deeper insight to what the members are up to on a day-to-day basis, you can check out their official YouTube channel. It’s filled with member vlogs, dance practice videos and the group’s official music videos.

ASTRO’s first full-length album, All Light, was released in January 2019, earning them their first music program win on SBS MTV’s The Show. The group never stopped working hard, shortly afterwards announcing a continuation tour, The 2nd ASTROAD, which embarked cities all across Asia and North America. If you thought that was it, the group surprised fans with their Japanese debut album Venus, which included three original Japanesse tracks as well as three remakes of their Korean singles “Baby,” “Always You,” and “All Night.”

Despite having a busy year, ASTRO gives fans a torch to carry in the dark with Blue Flame. Make sure to keep holding the members’ hands through their journey to take over the world. What’s your favorite song off of the new album? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: ASTRO (Fantagio Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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