A Welcome from Team SnackFever

A Welcome from Team SnackFever

There has been a #SnackFever awakening. Have you felt it?

It’s not just snacks—people are going crazy over all-things Korea. Eating Korean food and snacks while watching dramas and listening to some K-pop? Yes, please! 😎 Since SnackFever began last May with just a couple of dorky Korean guys in Los Angeles, we’ve been blown away at how many people wanted (and NEEDED (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و ) Korean snacks in their lives. But most importantly, we’ve been so encouraged by the passion and support of our always-growing community. As we embark on the next chapter in our growth, we invite all of you to continue to enjoy the ride with us. From honest feedback to going crazy over the latest K-pop music and dramas, we look forward to breaking bread with all of you online! 😎 We are young and ambitious, and we are just getting started. It’s not just snacks we have our eyes on—Korean food is such a big, wide world, and we want to help you explore it. In other words, we have yet to reach a fever pitch! 😂 Come join us, and let’s ride this Hallyu wave together!

Always at your service, Team SnackFever

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