How It Works

SnackFever is a monthly mystery box of Korean snacks, noodles, food, and fun items. Just like a magazine subscription, you receive a box every month. Straight Outta Korea.

A Surprise Every Month

Satisfy your cravings every month or give a gift to a friend!

Exclusive Items From Korea

We ship Straight Outta Korea so you'll get the latest, exclusive, and most trending products!

Cancel Anytime

Just like with Netflix or a magazine subscription, you may cancel, skip anytime, and start back up later!

What’s inside each Box?

Each monthly Box is thoughtfully crafted and curated by the SnackFever oppas. We put a great deal of time and research to make a box that you’ll be sure to love. With a new theme each month, every Box is a surprise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do SnackFever Boxes ship?

Whether you subscribe to a month-to-month or 6 month-plan, you will receive a box every month (just like a magazine subscription!). In September, we'll start shipping straight from Korea (instead of California, US) on the 18th through the 26th. Starting October, we'll ship in 3 waves: 13th, 23rd, and 3rd of the following month. Click here for more info.

Can I buy a one-time box?

Yes, you can! If you just want one box, simply cancel your subscription before your next renewal. It works just like Netflix, DramaFever, or a magazine subscription. No need to stay with us forever (although that would be awesome!).

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, definitely. Gift subscriptions, unlike normal subscriptions, do NOT auto-renew by default, but you have the option to have it auto-renew. At checkout, simply check the “This is a gift” option.

How do I pause/skip my subscription?

To pause/skip your subscription, simply go to "My Account" -> "Subscription" -> "Edit" -> "Skip Renewal". Please note, this skips one renewal only. If you signed up for a month-to-month subscription, it will skip one box, if you signed up to a 3-month plan, then it will skip 3 boxes. If you would like to pause indefinitely, simply cancel the subscription ("My Account" -> "Subscription" -> "Edit" -> "Cancel subscription") and reactivate it when you're ready to come back.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go! But if you must cancel, here's how and you can do it anytime:

  • Log into your SnackFever account.
  • Click on "Subscriptions".
  • Select "Edit" -> "Cancel subscription".

Please note, you must cancel before your next renewal. If you cancel a subscription after a payment has been processed, you will still receive the number of boxes you have paid for. So please make sure to cancel before the next renewal date for your subscription plan. You can find your next renewal date under "Subscriptions" on your account dashboard.