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Who We Are

We're just a group of friendly oppas (and now lots of unnies) who started SnackFever, back in 2015 in Koreatown Los Angeles (now we're in Seoul!), to share our passion and love for Korean snacks, food, and culture with the whole world! Join the journey. We promise to make you happy.

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Ryann Ellis

These Meals will Transport You into to Your Favorite K-Drama

If there’s one thing that could possibly outshine your favorite K-drama or K-actor, it would have to be all the food ...

Ryann Ellis

Spicy Snacks? What's The Deal With Those Things?

When it comes to spicy Korean snacks, these few take it to a whole new level of flavor! ...and pain.

Sarah Wong

Best Shark Snacks! Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo 🎶

Who here still has “Baby Shark” stuck in their heads? We sure do. Here are some shark-inspired Korean snacks to get y...
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