Best-Selling Korean Snacks 2018

Best-Selling Korean Snacks 2018

Everyone knows that breakfast, lunch, and dinner make up our everyday eating routines, but the true underappreciated hero is snacks. They are there to help us prevent boredom and tide us over until our next meal. However, the age-old question still remains: “What snack should I pick to eat?”

To make finding the answer to that question a little easier, here are eight of the most popular and best-selling snacks in Korea!

1. Choco Pie 초코파이 - Since 1974

A Choco Pie is a treat made with two small layers of fluffy cake and marshmallow filling, all coated in chocolate. Beginning in the early 2000s, Orion, the company that originally created the cakes, started increasing in foreign markets. As of today, approximately 12.1 billion Choco Pies have been sold throughout the world.

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2. Xylitol Gum 자일리톨껌 - Since 2000

Xylitol is one of the more well-known types of gum in Korea with almost everyone owning a little green plastic container of it. Xylitol is not only the brand of gum, but also the name for the sugar alcohol used as its sweetener.

3. Pepero 빼빼로 - Since 1983

Pepero is a biscuit stick that can be covered or filled with chocolate and other enhancers, such as nuts. If you’re a member of the FeverFam, then you know that Pepero is so popular in South Korea that there is even a special day dedicated to it on November 11.

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Here’s a quiz that will help you decide which Pepero flavor is best suited for you!

 4. Saewookkang (Shrimp cracker) 새우깡 - Since 1971

This snack is on the older side, having been introduced in 1971, but it’s still a favorite among Koreans. This small cracker is filled with savory shrimp flavors instead of the usual artificial additives. Seafood-flavored snacks are popular in Korea, and this one is no exception. It can even be found served in bars.

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5. MatDongSan 맛동산 - Since 1975

If you have been awaiting a peanut snack in this list, you’re in luck! Matdongsan is a crunchy peanut cookie created by a company called Haitai. Made from a fried cookie then coated in syrup and topped with chopped peanuts, it's nutty in flavor.

6. Homerun Ball 홈런볼 - Since 1981

With a smooth, chocolatey filling inside and a puff pastry outside, these snacks are a home-run in popularity! The theme is pretty self-explanatory with a cartoon baseball player and chocolate pastry balls meant to represent baseballs. With this snack, there have been many different flavors released, such as banana, cheese, strawberry, and caramel.

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7. Pockachip 포카칩 - Since 1988

No, not poker-chips. Pockachips are said to be the Korean version of America's Lay’s because they are just your average, everyday potato chips. Although, they do come in another flavor, which is onion. Just because they may seem to be a simple snack, that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyed by many.

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8. 꼬깔콘 Kokal Corn Chips - Since 1983

These chips are similar to Bugles with their cone-shaped appearance, and of course, are just as entertaining to put on your fingers while you eat! Next time you’re bored and looking for a way to entertain yourself, pick up a bag and begin the fun!

What’s your favorite Korean snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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