Top 6 Shrimp Flavoured Snacks!

Top 6 Shrimp Flavoured Snacks!

Shrimp flavoured snacks have been popular in Korea for many years now. Now, with many different brands and unique creations, there are a few more choices than there once were. Here are a few favourites you might want to try!

1.  No Brand Garlic Shrimp Chips

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From E-mart’s own “No Brand,” it is a crispy chip with the married flavour of shrimp with garlic.

2. Orion Shrimp Flavoured Turtle Chips

The four-layered chip is back again but shrimp flavoured! Check out our previous article about Turtle Chips for more!

3. Orion Shrimp Burger Flavoured Chips

Are you a fan of shrimp burgers? Try this fun snack! Each chip is shaped as different sea life-- sharks, lobsters, squids, and, of course, shrimp!

4. Haitai Shrimp Chips

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From the same company that gave us the beloved Honey Butter Chips, comes a variety of shrimp flavoured chips to choose from!

5. Nongshim Shrimp Crackers

The original shrimp flavoured snack! Originally it was produced by Nongshim in 1971, resembling the Kappa Ebisen from Japan. Since, billions of bags have been sold and consumed as it has now been considered not just one of the oldest but most popular snacks of Korea. The light puffy snack with a bold shrimp flavour remains a favourite for years to come among all generations.

Today, there is now even more variety in flavours to choose from including spicy.

Through the years, they have had favourite idols endorse the product including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’s Nam Joo-hyuk and popular actor Lee Jong-Suk.

6. Nongshim Shrimp Flavoured Chips

Also from Nongshim is this classic shrimp flavoured chip!

What is your favourite shrimp flavoured snack? Let us know!

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Cover Image: Nam Joo-hyuk (YG Entertainment)