Yongin-si: A City Full of Wonder and Excitement

Yongin-si: A City Full of Wonder and Excitement

Located in Gyeonggi Province, Yongin-si is a city that is famous for its rapid development, unrivaled theme parks, treasured artifacts, and history. Since it is the home of South Korea’s largest folk village, resorts, and parks, Yongin-si has not failed to attract visitors from all around the globe. Furthermore, this city is full of natural beauty that can be seen in its botanical gardens and recreational parks. If you are looking to have no regrets, Yongin-si is the destination that is truly worth your time and visit! So, let us explore some of the activities that make Yongin-si one of the most exciting places in South Korea. 

  • Korean Folk Village 

Bringing the late Joseon period back to life, the Korean Folk Village gives its visitors the opportunity to engage in traditional Korean culture through customs and classes that are offered throughout the site, such as realistic structures of a village school, nobleman’s house, a farming village, and more. The Korean Folk Village provides its visitors a glance into the past by giving them an idea of what life in the late Joseon Era looked like for people of that time.

One of the main attractions found at this site are its performances that you will not want to miss. Ranging from a traditional wedding ceremony to martial arts on horseback, this village will not disappoint! Aside from performances, visitors can also indulge in some traditional foods and liquor offered. So, if you are looking for a place where you can travel back to the olden days, the Korean Folk Village is the destination you are looking for.

  • Ho-Am Art Museum   

Located in a serene and peaceful environment, the Ho-Am Art Museum is a traditional Korean house that exhibits many classical paintings. This museum gives its visitors the opportunity to explore and admire the originality, history, and beauty that the artworks contain. Through the art portrayed, the Ho-Am Art Museum is able to show its visitors' Korean heritage in different time periods. In front of the museum, one can find an extraordinary garden that compliments the museum’s design perfectly. By using the designs of the garden, museum, and pond found on the premises, the Ho-Am Art Museum is able to bring some of the scenes portrayed in Korean paintings to life. Visiting this museum is a rewarding experience that will leave you full of awe and wonder!

  • Everland

Known for being South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland is a popular destination full of fun and excitement. Located in Everland Resort, this theme park contains countless attractions, a zoo, and a water park. When visiting, one will notice that Everland is divided into five zones that follow a respective theme. In fact, one of the zones is called the European Adventure. True to its name, the European Adventure zone contains European architectural designs and styles. In this section, one can find a wooden roller coaster known as the T Express and a ghostly attraction called Mystery Mansion. Aside from this, Everland has many other magical attractions and activities in which one can partake. Either way, it is a great place for family and friends to enjoy together!

  • Waujeongsa Temple 

Located on Mt. Eunesan, the Waujeongsa Temple was established by a monk in 1970 as a manifestation of the displacement that was caused throughout the Korean War. Aside from its historical significance, Waujeongsa is a beautiful and serene place that attracts visitors who want to explore the temple grounds. If you ever choose to visit, it is impossible to miss the huge Buddha statue that greets you as you make your way into the temple. Furthermore, this temple houses a unique set of pagodas, the Unification Bell, and over 3,000 statues. All in all, Waujeongsa Temple is a unique and different place that you will definitely want to visit if given the opportunity. 

The attractions that one can find in Yongin-si are what make it a city full of wonder and excitement. For this reason, this city will leave you with no regrets and will give you the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Are there any other activities in Yongin-si that you believe will be worth your while? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Valeria Voelkl

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