As MONSTA X continues to amaze the world with their strong, energetic performances in their We Are Here World Tour, the seven-membered group surprises fans with their new character brand. TWOTUCKGOM consists of seven cuddly bears, each one representing a member of MONSTA X. NUNUGOM, BEBEGOM, DANYGOM, MINGGOM, ZIZIGOM, HONEYGOM, and HAMGOM.

In the MONSTA X x TWOTUCKGOM Special V Live, Shownu introduces NUNUGOM as a trustworthy bear that is a good dancer, eats well, and likes to work out. Wonho says that BEBEGOM not only eats a lot for a one-year-old bear but also makes you want to protect him. Like I.M, DANYGOM is very good at English. For those who don’t know, I.M’s American name is Daniel (Danny for short); therefore, DANYGOM is named after I.M. Minhyuk describes MINGGOM as a cute bear that likes flowers and nice scents while Hyungwon says ZIZIGOM enjoys sleeping and playing games. As Jooheon admires HONEYGOM’s sweet honey voice, Kihyun likes that HAMGOM is sweet, sensitive, and is good at cleaning.

In order to get fans excited for the collaboration, TWOTUCKGOM shares photos of MONSTA X members cutely showing off their two-chinned bears while wearing matching onesies.

In celebration of the character brand’s launch, TWOTUCKGOM and MONSTA X released a couple of special collaboration items. The pair of asymmetrical earrings features a stone for each bear and three birthstones for the respective MONSTA X member. For example, DANYGOM’s purple stone complements I.M’s birthstone, a red garnet. Earrings aren’t your style? TWOTUCKGOM and MONSTA X have designed a bracelet that is good for any occasion, featuring one character stone and one MONSTA X birthstone. 

If jewelry or plushies aren’t your thing, TWOTUCKGOM offers many other items such as stationery, decals, toiletry bags, seat cushions, sleeping masks, cups and more! It seems as though they put a lot of thought into offering a little something for everyone.

  • Monsta X’s Puppy Day

Given MONSTA X’s tough, muscular, and strong appearance, promoting for such a cute line of products would seem difficult; however, MONSTA X proves that they can do anything, no matter how difficult the task is. So how do you get a muscular K-pop group with a serious concept to promote such cute items? The answer: Puppies! Monsta X’s Puppy Day is a variety show on TUTUCKTOM’s YouTube channel where MONSTA X cuddle and play with bichon frise puppies. This new variety show will definitely leave you smiling for days.

  • V Live

While MONSTA X tours around the world, the members constantly spend time with Monbebe through their Vlives. On July 9, 2019, Kihyun and Wonho turned on Vlive in their hotel room and played around with BEBEGOM.

To make these adorable products more accessible to customers around the world, TWOTUCKGOM products are available for purchase on Amazon. Which TWOTUCKGOM character is your favorite?

Cover Image: MONSTA X (Starship Entertainment)
Written by Sarah Wong

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