Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Korea

Top 5 Beaches To Visit In Korea

Summer is long gone now, but Korean beaches are available to visit in all four seasons of the year. Whether you visit the beach to relax for the day, experience some breathtaking views, partake in water sports or spend the day out with your friends or family, there will definitely be something for you! In this article I have condensed all the many beaches of Korea down to the Top 5, to make your next vacation planning just that bit easier.

Naksan Beach

A beautiful small strip of coast in the Gangwon Province lined with a dense Pine tree forest. This spot makes a perfect place to visit no matter what time of year it is. The waters are known for being relatively shallow, and are therefore extremely safe for children and people who cannot swim. If you’re thinking of a family trip, this beach is the ideal place to take your kids and relax. If you don’t fancy spending the whole day on the beach, then worry not, because there is a nice little temple close by that lies near the cliff. Here you can enjoy some beautiful garden scenery while taking some stunning photos of the view as you stare out into the mesmerising blue ocean.

Eurwangni Beach

Located near Incheon Airport, this beach is a popular tourist attraction and is crowded with people all year round. This stretch of beautiful white sand may be smaller than most but is nonetheless brilliant. It has all the requirements of a good beach - with some rocks perfect for climbing, lovely soft sand for relaxation, a small park close by and even some nicely priced accommodations located just off the beach.

Haeundae Beach

With roughly around 1.5km of beautiful white sand reaching out along the coast of Busan, this beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in Korea. Its waters are known to be perfect for swimming in and, in the summertime especially,  becomes packed with people. Not only this but Haeundae beach is also known for other things such as the many cultural events, places and activities available. For example, the local Busan Aquarium, festivals, driving courses, and more! Here, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Hyeopjae Beach

This beach extends for around 20m on Jeju Island and is only a 5 minute walk away from Hallim Park and therefore is surrounded by a variety of large green trees that really captivate the shore’s beauty. The gorgeous sea blue colour of the water against the gentle white sand creates a truly gripping picturesque image that you will find yourself enchanted by. So if a trip to Jeju is on your to-do list, be sure to give Hyeopjae Beach a visit!

Sokcho Beach

The beach collectively is around 2km long and has some amazing views of the surrounding area. It is conveniently close to Seorak Mountain, a very well known mountain full of hiking trails. If you’re planning on heading up there at any point, why not stop by the beach for a while and take in some of the relaxing scenery? There are also multiple activity facilities available, for those who prefer to be a bit more active, such as a volleyball court, mini soccer field, walking trail and more. Camping grounds are also available for those who have been charmed by this scenic site.

Mention of all these beaches has started to make me miss summer! I hope this article has helped you to plan any future trips you may have, and expand upon your knowledge of the natural beauty Korea holds.

Been to a beach in Korea before? Let us know your favourites!

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