Things to do in Gyeongju-si, the Historic Coastal City

Things to do in Gyeongju-si, the Historic Coastal City

Gyeongju-si, or simply known as Gyengju, is a historic coastal city located in the southern province of South Korea. Being one of the largest cities in the area, it is quite a common sight for those visiting the country. Once the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sila, a vast number of archaeological sites and cultural properties still stand. If you ever find yourself in this part of Korea, here’s a list of things you can do while visiting the area:

  • Royal Tomb of King Taejong Muyeol

Seeming like a hill in the middle of nowhere, the real treasure is inside the hill itself. An attraction great for sightseeing and taking pictures, the royal tomb of King Taejong Muyeol dates back to 600 AD. Due to the peaceful simplicity that surrounds the area and that this landscape is known to hold the tomb of Kim Chun-chu, it brings the attention of many visitors.

  • Underwater Tomb of King Munmu

The underwater tomb of King Munmu is found in a little islet 200 meters away from shore. It was when he was about to die that he gave instructions to be buried underwater. Although the site itself is something no one would want to miss, the history it holds is what makes one stay. It's a great place not only for pictures, but also to learn about some of Gyeongju’s history.

  • Gyeongju World Amusement Park

If you’re looking for something that will have adrenaline coursing through every bit of your body, you might want to hit up the Gyeongju World Amusement Park. It's the largest one in the area and most known for its X-Zone, an area consisting of attractions such as the rollercoaster, Python; Mega Drop; and Tornado — trying to figure which one to ride first will be hard! There are also attractions for those who don’t enjoy thrill-seeking as much. Whether it’s taking a stroll through the Wizard Garden or going Ice Sledding (in the winter only), there’s something for everyone to do!

  • Bulksuga Tower

Built in the 8th century on the slopes of Mt. Tohamson, Bulksuga Tower is one attraction you don’t want to miss! Those who go and visit the temple will find themselves having to climb hundreds of stairs. However, the cardio that you get in is worth the sight you see at the end!

  • Bomun Lake Resort

After a long day of events, what better way to relax than at the Bomun Lake Resort? Holding various leisure activities, such as biking around the lake or walking trails, ending the day here would be a dream. Also known for providing some Instagram perfect pictures, Bomun Lake is especially popular in the spring due to the cherry blossoms that turn the landscape pink! 

Trying to fit all of these activities in one day might be hard but not impossible! What’s one attraction you’d like to visit while in Gyeongju? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Briseida Rivera

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