The Rose Lights the Way with 'RED'

The Rose Lights the Way with 'RED'

Indie boy band The Rose releases their new title track, “RED” for their latest single album of the same name, contradicting previous discography and showing fans how diverse the band can be. After announcing their world tour early July 2019, “RED” gives fans insight to what they can expect.

Moonlight shined
Find the way
Getting closer to me
Rising flashlight
Follow the light
Pouring that shooting stars

With lyrics about wanting to be your own person and finding the light to do so, “RED” is the kind of song that makes your heart skip a beat at first listen. The slow introduction of single keyboard notes slowly accompanied by Woosung’s voice will lure you in, and then seconds later, the tune almost slows to a stop before hitting you again with Hajoon’s drumming and the whole band in unison for a happy, upbeat sound that differs from their more intense music. Though the instrumentals of “RED” aren’t as fierce as their earlier songs, the lyrics hold just as much meaning, proving that things don’t always have to be intense to be profound.

The music video shows just as much emotion as the song itself. Whether it be on a rooftop set against a beautiful sunset as the group plays their instruments with ferocity or somewhere along the coast of the sea as they run into the water fully clothed, shoving each other and having the time of their lives; it shows the close relationship the members share with each other. However, it’s in other scenes, such as an abandoned building, that you can see the boys having just as much fun—from trashing the already broken-down setting to making the place their own with colorful fireworks—proving that finding yourself doesn’t always have to be on your own and can be a worthwhile journey.

The Rose is a four-member group under J&Star Company, consisting of Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon and Jaehyeong. Having debuted in 2017 with their first single “Sorry,” their message (according to leader Woosung) is to show how music can coexist in between the pretty and bad. A message their fans can connect to along with their talent is what’s given the band so much popularity.

The We Rose You Live world tour is set to start off in Seoul August 17, and end in LA nearly a month later on September 15. A song that will uplift your spirit when you’re feeling down while at the same time giving some well-needed advice, “RED” is a song that won’t leave you feeling blue.

Cover Image: The Rose - "RED" (J&Star Company)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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