The Busan One Asia Festival: What you need to know!

The Busan One Asia Festival: What you need to know!

The Busan One Asia Festival, the centre of all Hallyu trends, was first held back in 2016 to bring locals and international citizens together and increase tourism within Busan. It has since been held annually at different places and venues all around the city and has increased in its popularity. It is the perfect time and place for anyone who wants to experience the local culture while having tremendous fun! There are many things to do at this festival, so why don’t we take a tour?

The festival is a week long, and this year, it lasts from October 20th - October 28th. There are so many events spread out through the week, so if you get a chance, be sure to attend!

Opening Concert, October 20th

If you’re a fan of Kpop, make your way to the Opening Concert! At this opening ceremony there are many popular groups that perform. This year, groups such as EXO, EXID, Seventeen, NCT 127, MAMAMOO are just a few of the many artists set to perform!

This show is set to start at 7pm at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium. If you are around Busan and have time on October 20th, make sure to stop by the Busan Asiad Main Stadium and jam out to your favourite artists.

BOF Land, 20th - 28th October

BOF Land is the place where you can learn and experience the Hallyu trends and culture! For example, there are webtoon exhibitions, K-Beauty stalls, local food stands, and gift shops. There even is a specific gift shop that sells special souvenirs, designed by both the Busan One Asia Festival team and SM Entertainment, specifically for this event.

This area is located at Gunam-ro, Haeundae, Busan

Made In Busan, 20th - 28th October

Here, local artists and citizens come together to perform and showcase themselves, their art, and their work to others in a presentation of stalls and stages. There are many interesting projects, beautiful art, and amazing performances, really showing people the local talent. This year, there will also be a special appearance by a contemporary mystery performance group called SNAP, who will be showcasing some enjoyable acts and captivating tricks that are sure to keep you entertained. This event will take place at the Busan Cinema Center, Yongdusan Park, BOF Land

BOF Park Concert, October 21st

Yet another concert is set to happen as well, and what makes it great is that... It’s free! That’s right! Here you will see the likes of artists such as K.Will and CHUNGHA performing along with many other great artists.

This concert is located in Busan Citizen Park and will commence at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to the event and there is also a small market located near by for anyone to grab a snack! This concert is the perfect way to relax at the end of a busy, fun filled day.

Day 3 - BOF Fan Meeting, October 21st, 23rd and 28th

Here, a number of groups (yet to be announced) hold meetings for fans to get the chance to see them. These gatherings are held at BOF Land and are spread over 3 days at the following times -

  • 21st, 7pm
  • 23rd, 7pm
  • 28th, 5pm

BOF On Stage, 25th, 26th and 27th October

Yet again, the festival provides another concert! At this small performance, acts are separated into three categories - Rock, HipHop, Pop - each performing on three different days. As this concert is spread out over the course of three days, there will be plenty of time for you to check it out, without missing out on anything else at the festival. This event will also take place at BOF Land.

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✨BOF 2018 ON-STAGE , Park Concert Line Up Open ✨ . ▶ON-STAGE [ROCK] October 25th at 20:00 ~ #Nobrain #CryingNut #BurningSoda . [HIPHOP] October 26th at 20:00 ~ #Zion_t #websterb #Uberdef . [K-POP] October 27th at 14:00~ #Paulkim #Nilo #Hanooltari . ▶️ Park Concert #K_will #chungha #NuestW #favorite #Cherry_on_top #Kingston_Luiska #Busan_Metropolitan_Chorus . BOF2018 ON-STAGE held over three days Park concerts to enjoy with citizens! BOF2018 more fun and interesting, please expect a lot 🙌 . . ✨BOF2018オンステージ、パークコンサートラインアップオープン✨ 。 ▶オンステージ [ROCK] 10月25日20:00〜 #Nobrain #CryingNut #BurningSoda 。 [HIPHOP] 10月26日20:00〜 #Zion_t #websterb #Uberdef 。 [K-POP] 10月27日14:00〜 #Paulkim #Nilo #Hanooltari 。 ▶パークコンサート #K_will #chungha #NuestW #favorite #Cherry_on_top #Kingston_Luiska #Busan_Metropolitan_Chorus 。 BOF2018オンステージを3日間にわたって開催 市民と楽しむパークコンサート! BOF2018もっと楽しく興味深い、多くを期待してください🙌 . . #부산원아시아페스티벌 #bof #원아페 #라인업 #파크콘서트 #lineup #온스테이지 #onstage

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Busan Fireworks Festival, 27th October

If you’re planning on going to this festival, then you will also be able to witness the amazing Fireworks Show that occurs during the week. This spectacular display of colour is destined to catch the eye of all those who pass by and is sure to remain a moment that you will remember.

Closing Ceremony, October 28th

Just like the opening concert, this 7 pm festival ends with an amazing show that will take place at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium. This year, many popular groups including Red Velvet, NCT Dream, ASTRO, KARD, and many others, are set to perform! This spectacular concert is just the right way to end the week-long festival.

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[INFO] ASTRO will be performing at the Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) 2018 Closing Performances on the 28th October + Eunwoo will not be attending the Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) 2018 event due to having another schedule Korea Time : 7 PM Indonesia Time : 5 PM . Astro akan tampil di acara penutupan Busan One Festival (BOF) 2018 pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2018 + Eunwoo tidak dapet hadir di acara BOF bersama member lain karena memiliki Schedule Korea Time : 7 PM Indonesia Time : 5 PM . ⭐️ @officialastro . 🌻 #jinjin #진진 #박진우 #mj #엠제이 #김명준 #eunwoo #자은오 #이동민 #moonbin #mooncakes #문빈 #rocky #락키 #sanha #yoonsanha #산하 #윤신하 #astro #아스트로 #aroha #astroad #arohaindonesia #bof #busanoneasiafestival #busanonefestival2018 🌻

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So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about the Busan One Asia Festival is right here in this article! Feel free to comment if you’re planning on attending, what you’re most excited to do, or if you are planning to attend in the future!

Click here to visit the official website and keep an eye out for any updates!

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