The Best Fan Moments from Korean Baseball

The Best Fan Moments from Korean Baseball

Sure, the U.S. has the World Series (congratulations, Cubs!). But Korea has clappers, mattress zones, acrobatic first pitches, and coordinated dance moves. Let's take a look.

By Rachelle "Roach"

Clappers, mattress zones, acrobatic first pitches, and coordinated dance moves. These are just a few of our favorite things about Korean baseball! It's not that we're not proud of the Cubs on their first World Series win in a whopping 108 years, or the Doosan Bears winning their second-straight Korea Series championship. It's just that Korean baseball games are so much fun. Baseball is serious business in Korea, but it usually comes without the corporate-overlord feel that American sports can have. Instead, baseball games in Korea feel wacky and whimsical, and have some of the most delightful moments in international baseball. If you ever get to go, be sure to check out our Guide to a Korean Baseball Game!  

The First Pitches First pitches are an particularly wonderful part of Korean baseball games. Some of the best include Taekwondo action from Tae Mi!

Some twisting from rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji that would be enough to send the more mortal of us to the hospital: gymnast first pitch

Choreography that puts Broadway to shame:

  A literal bow and arrow from archer Ki Bo Bae: can decide what exactly is going on here, if you're not too spooked!

The Crowd Another note about these games: you're going to have trouble if you're not a participator. (Jump to 4:10 for a very impressive coordinated cheering display.)

The Idols You'll often see a variety of K-pop idols performing, throwing out the first pitch, or even just chilling at games. Momo, Sana, and Mina from TWICE seemed to be having fun!

The Seats Think standing up and cheering isn't really your thing? Maybe you'll be able to deal better if you can cheer from the comfort of the mattress zone.

  The Bat Flips Oh, and you know those stuffy "America's pastime" purists who don't believe in bat flipping? Yeah, those don't exist in Korea.


We'll keep congratulating you on a job well done, Cubbies. But in a choice between Wrigley and Korea, the stadiums of Seoul just seem like a lot more fun!