Study Korean without Studying Korean?

Study Korean without Studying Korean?

Getting to know a new culture has a broad range of possibilities to explore and expand one’s knowledge. Learning a new language is not for everyone, but with the amount of information we are exposed to, everyone can pick up some useful words and phrases without even realizing it. The easiest way to do so? Listening. Lots and lots of listening. Practicing one’s skills in understanding video and audio content in another language can noticeably improve one’s fluency. The SnackFever Fam compiled a list of YouTube channels containing simple daily Korean for you so you can have fun while "studying" without literally sitting over books!

  • Sueddu (슛뚜)

This channel is all about aesthetics. If you enjoy watching minimalistic videos with no real action in them, this is perfect for you. Along with the peaceful storyline of daily life and the beauty in the simple things, the creator puts short and clear descriptions of the actions you see at the same moment. This can help you connect the lyrics with the picture and understand the meaning of it without needing translation! The minimalist outlook of the videos and the utterly adorable dog, called Bebe, are so soothing and heartwarming that it really can help you find the magic in your own daily routine and feel inspired to pay attention to your daily tasks.

  • Creamheroes (크림히어로즈)

We know every one of us has those nights where we end up watching pointless and ridiculous videos of animals at 3:00 a.m. in the morning instead of sleeping, right? Why not take advantage of this fact and stop by at Creamheroes—the channel of seven cats sharing a home with a lady that bathes them in attention and love. The playful and wise kitties are entertaining even when they only stare at the camera blankly, but this must be the secret key to all the videos because they are super addictive. Of course, talking to a pet is like talking to a child so the level of Korean their owner uses to talk to them is easy to understand and relate to. This makes this channel perfect for effortless studying and especially practicing your listening skills! There are subtitles in Korean as well so you can follow the words that you hear and improve your spelling and pronunciation.

  • Achakahyeon

If you are a fan of VIXX there is no way you do not know that N (Cha Hak Yeon) has a rather newly-made YouTube channel! The videos are little in number and very rarely uploaded since N is currently serving in the army but you won’t make a mistake to subscribe for further uploads of his aesthetically-pleasing travel content.  오늘의 기록 or ‘Today’s Record’ is the name of the series, following his daily activities or trips, and narrated by short and clear texts at the bottom which, again, will help you effortlessly memorize new vocabulary by connecting the text with the picture while at the same time you get to know your bias on a more personal level!

  • Yoonsun (윤선)

If you are looking for some fun but also thoughtful content on a more intermediate level, make sure to follow Yoonsun! A recently-made channel of a former medical worker in Korea, this place has all kinds of topics. Yoonsun talks only in Korean but in a very simple way, which combined with the English subtitles can help you get used to the sounds of the Korean language and distinguish the natural-sounding of some daily expressions. Of course, using the subtitles can be considered cheating but depending on your skill level, you can gradually try to understand his words without using subtitles all the time. Yonsun’s humor is not only hilarious, but he has a very good way of sharing true and deeper thoughts about life itself in a lighter manner, and again, on an approachable Korean language level!

What are your tips and tricks for learning a new language and what kind of sources do you use? Leave a comment down below and inspire fellow SnackFever readers to learn and have fun! 

Cover Image: Creamheroes
Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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