Spotlight on Tous Les Jours

Spotlight on Tous Les Jours

Different countries have chain stores that have helped influence a change in their area. Every country has their own bakeries. All countries put their own twist on foods and embrace other countries' foods. Here is a great place that has embraced cuisine from other countries, and added a twist to their own dishes!

Tous Les Jours, or 뚜레쥬르, opened as a bakery in Guri, South Korea in September 1997. Over the years, their success grew and so did the franchise. They opened their 100th store not even two years later, and changed into a café and bakery in 2003. In 2004, they opened their first store in the United States which led to opening their first stores in other Asian countries. They currently have over 1,650+ locations around the world with stores in China, the U.S., Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

Tous Les Jours offers more than 300 different kinds of goods, from drinks to pastries. Their specialty is French-Asian fare, adding a Korean and Japanese twist to your typical French bakery goods. Their food is baked in store every day, drinks made to order and fresh. Ingredients are organic and they use seasonal fruits that are locally sourced.

Different countries have their own products, especially the stores in Asia, but they all have similar if not the same items. They have all types of bakery goods, from breads to cakes to macarons, and they also have the cafe goods, like drinks and pre-made sandwiches, and even ice cream with all the dressings. You’re bound to find something you enjoy. Here we are to introduce some of their amazing options.


Tous Les Jours has quite the variety of everything, even with their breads. They sell loaves of all kinds and smaller packages. From sweet to savory, they have it all.

On the sweet side, you can find nuts and red bean and even chocolate breads. Many of their sweeter kinds are small buns, though they do have loaves with fruit and cream. One of their unique savory breads is a floss bread. Floss bread is bread that has a topping of thin, dried meat that is light and fluffy in texture and has a thinness that resembles pieces of floss. There is a tuna pan bread in Cambodia, and a spicy floss bread in Indonesia.

They also have plenty of cheese and garlic breads for those who enjoy the flavor. For anyone looking for just a plain grains, they have that for you, too.

Sweet Treats

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and Tous Les Jours knows how to feed it! They have a huge variety of items on the sweet side; everything from muffins to macarons, cookies to donuts, fruit pastries to madeleines. Chocolate croissants are popular here. Amongst the fruits and fruit flavors, they include strawberry, grape, green apple and more. Some unique tries are their Korean cherry and Korean maple macarons. Something here that you might not typically see in a bakery is brownies and mochi which are both fresh like everything else here and equally delicious. There is so much to try.

Savory Treats

A lot of their savory goods take a twist on your French bakery items. Their croquettes are quite popular and you can get them with different fillings like kimchi, salad, and meat. Croque monsieur is a classic French good, similar to grilled cheese and they can be found here. If you are a meat eater, they have plenty of pastries with sausage inside. If you are a vegetarian looking for something that isn’t sweet, they don’t have much here, sadly.


If you’re looking for a cake for any event and to appeal to anyone’s interest, Tous Les Jours has many different kinds and you’re bound to find something. Their cream cakes and fruit topped cakes are the most popular. Besides those, they also have square tiramisu cakes, angel cakes, cheesecakes, and small packaged castella. If you would like yours in a specific shape, you can find hearts, circles, and rolls. Even if you just want a single slice, they have that for you too and you can try many different kinds. Whatever the occasion or just to snack on, whether you like chocolate or sweet potato or green tea.

Café and other non-baked goods

Depending on your location, you might not be able to try their foods. In the Korean stores, they have the most variety. There you can find cooked sandwiches and different kinds of salads. In the U.S., you can find cold sandwiches. There are stores that don’t offer more than pastries and some just have those and drinks and that’s okay. You can find teas, coffees and lattes, hot and cold chocolate, and smoothies. Different people like different café drinks. One thing people also look forward to when coming here is their bingsu. They have different flavors including red bean, green tea, and fruit. Plus, their servings are quite big so it’s a good value for your money.

French-Asian bakeries have really helped Korea embrace French cuisine and turn it into something they can enjoy, too. There are other chains just like Tous Les Jours spreading out over the world with so many unique and tasty things to try!

Have you ever been to one of their stores? What is your favorite item?

Written by Chey Olexa

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