Spanish-Speaking K-Vloggers You'll Fall in Love With

Spanish-Speaking K-Vloggers You'll Fall in Love With

When you think of K-vloggers (vloggers who post videos about Korea and Korean culture) I'm sure many immediately go straight to English-speaking YouTubers that react to K-pop music videos or Korean vloggers themselves. However, given how wide-spread the Spanish language is around the globe and how great the impact K-culture has been in Spanish-speaking countries for nearly a decade, it's no surprise that some of the most followed K-vloggers today also happen to speak Spanish.

Below I've gathered just a handful of some of my favorite Spanish-speaking K-vloggers that I know you'll fall in love with.

Coreano Vlogs

Probably the most recognizable Spanish-speaking Korean on YouTube is Cristian Kim of the Coreanovlogs YouTube channel. Cristian is one of my absolute favorites. His handle of the Spanish language is impressive (he learned it while living in Guatemala for eight years) and is even more so when you consider the fact that he currently resides in Mexico.

For a while, Cristian vlogged from South Korea, sharing his day to day life as a Spanish-speaking Korean YouTuber until recently when he packed his bags and traveled throughout Central America with a few of his buddies (a couple of whom I'll introduce to you in a second). These days, you'll find him exploring every corner of Mexico and tasting all the delicious food the country has to offer.

Jeks Coreana

Jeks, a very good friend of Cristian's is also very familiar with Mexican culture! In fact, she grew up there up until high school and now lives in South Korea. She dedicates most of her channel to vlogging about everyday life in Korea from what the subway system is like to its bustling street food culture.

As a Mexican-American, I enjoy listening to Jeks' Mexican dialect, and it's fascinating to see what life is like for her as she gets to know Korea from such a distinct point of view.

Rio y Christian

Rio and Christian focus largely on the gastronomic attractions in South Korea. If there's a yummy Korean food that you're interested in learning about, Rio and Christian have very likely vlogged about it. They'll even include directions on how to get to specific locations to find the foods they feature in their videos!

Jang Min

Jang Min is half Spanish and half Korean. He's an actor and model and, of course, incredibly easy on the eyes. He's shared videos that mostly pertain to Korean food, but sometimes shares videos teaching viewers Spanish. While he doesn't upload as frequently as some others on this list, it seems he's recently been getting back into the YouTube game with a couple of his friends, so keep an eye out for new content from Jang Min.

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